Hey guys I'm back

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Whats up my lovelies, I do apologies if this is not what you were expecting but I need some help with as assignment  as you can see with the picture of Dragon Booster at the top. 

The assignment that I have to do is for animation and we have to choose a movie, cartoon, anime, game, or TV series ext and pretend that we are trying to convince a group of people as to why this should have remake or a squeal and I need you guys help. All I ask is  that you put down what is it that you liked about the series or what you didn't like about it, as it is the interview part we have to include in this assessment. 

I really do appreciate if you guys can help me and if you do you guys will get a shout out from me and a follow.

And as always have a lovely day my lovelies.

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