Chapter 9

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This is Skyblast Aultmode though her main colours that were in the last chapter.


Driving down the street Skyblast took the lead, directing the Autobots to the correct house with her sire right behind her.

'You, doing alright back their sire?' She commed him privately, tilting her side mirrors to look at him.

'Never better Skyblast, I'm just glad that you're alive and well.' He said, back to her.

Pulling into an ally way behind the house Sam and Mikaela got out of Bee.

"I need you to stay here, all right?" Sam told Mikaela, practically panicking at this point. "You got to stay here and you're gonna watch them."

"Okay, okay," Mikaela responded.

"All of them. Do you hear what I'm saying, SB come on, dad will be worried if you're not with me."

"Yeah, yeah, give me a moment." She called back. 'Ratchet how do I transform into a human again?'

'Hm, I'm not sure.' He responded back.

Digging through her programming, Skyblast found something that could potentially allow her to transform into her old human form for the time being. 'Wait, hold on I think I figured it out.'

Feeling her body shifting about, Skyblast let pout a small groan her body getting smaller till she looked human again. She was practically on her hands and knees panting; sweat running down her face as she allowed her body to relax and let the pain just fade away.

"SB are you okay?" Questioned Mikaela, rushing over and bending down to help pick her up.

"Yeah, just give me a moment to catch my breath." She informed, accepting Mikaela's help.

Taking a few deep breaths Skyblast quickly walked through the back yard admiring the fairy lights scattered around the area. Tugging at the black leather jacket that she found herself wearing.

"Where's your sister?" She heard Ron questioned. Making her presence know Skyblast quickly jogged up to Sam and her adoptive father.

"Right here, dad." She called, standing next to Sam. "sorry something sounded funny in the ally, so I went to check it out, just a squirrel."

"Well, that's good and thanks for staying on my path SB unlike your brother here." Praised Ron, jerking his head over in Sam's direction.

"You should really stick to the path Sam." Skyblast teased, smirking up at Sam, who pulled a face and mocked her.

"I'm gonna sweep the whole thing right now. How about that?' Sam suggested to the two, formally pushing on the wire door frame, preventing Ron from coming outside.

"You know, I buy half your car..." Stated Ron.


"...then I bail you out of jail and then I just decided to do all your chores."

'Oh, crap I forgot to clean my room.' Skyblast thought, just now remembering the list of chores both her and Sam were assigned to.

"The chores." Sam breathed out a bit panicked, his eyes going wide as he to just remembered them as well.

"Yeah, life is great, huh?" Commented Ron, looking at his two children.

"Yeah, it is dad thank you so much." Agreed Skyblast, smiling up at him. "I promise that Sam and I will do double the amount of chores tomorrow to make it all up."

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