Chapter 6

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Hiya, it's me ShadowdragonL44 and before you guys kill me with the late update I do hope that this chapter can make it up for you all, so as always transformers doesn't belong to me nor the picture but to their rightful owners and I hope you enjoy this chapter.


"Manny!" Screeched a man, causing SB to cringe at how high he went.

"What?!" Came, a response, somewhere in the junkyard.

'Jesus could that man, yell any louder' Berated SB, as she tries to rub away some pain from her left ear.

"Here? No, no, no, what is this?" Questioned Sam, catching SB's attention.

Seeing where her father and brother went her eyes went wide from shock or surprise. Frantically trying to get out, SB unclasped he seatbelt quickly and jumped over the door, making a beeline towards her two family members.

"No Dad, you said..... you said half a car not half a piece of crap." She pitched, standing next to Sam with her arms crossed.

"When I was both your ages, I'd have been happy with four wheels and an engine." He lectured.

"Hold on." Started Sb, gaining her father's attention. "just let Sam explain something, take it away Sam."

Nodding his head in gratitude, Sam proceded in explaining to Ron about the difference between a 40-year-old Virgin to a 50-year-old virgin and about how embarrassed the two children would be when arriving too school with a car that could probably not make it from A to B.

Zoning out from their conversation, SB watched as some random guy started waking the crap out of another who was on the road not that long ago, a few squeaks and honks were heard as they passed by causing SB to laugh at the occurrence.

"No sacrifice, no victory." Implied Ron, Snapping SB from her entertainment with Sam echoing his words with the old Witwicky motto.

"Gentlemen and Lady." Enounced a South African man, making his way over to the family. "Bobby Bolivia, like the country, except without the runs." He joked "How can I help?"

"Well, my son and daughter here, looking to buy their first car." Conversed Ron, slapping the two teens' shoulders, leaving SB to wince a little.

"You came to see me?" Asked Bobby, sounding like he was about to cry.

"We had too." Sulked Sam, earning an elbow to the ribs from SB, who gave Bobby a small smile.

"Ignore him, my brother can be; An idiot from time to time. Dropped on his head when he was a baby." Explained SB, earning a glare from Sam and a chuckle from her father.

"No worries little lady, no harm done." Chimmed Bobby

Upon hearing the words 'Little Lady', a sudden headache hit SB like a title wave, causing her to grab onto Sam's arm quite hard. A silver face with glowing blue eyes, the sound of lovely music playing and a gentle but deep voice echoed through her mind. 'Hey there little lady, watch ya doing?'

"SB? SB?! Hey, are you ok?" Asked Sam, his voice coming out a bit muffled.

"Hm, what? Yeah, yeah I'm alright just a sudden headache is all, nothing to worry about it's gone." She reassured.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Sam didn't fully believe her but gave up in trying to get the truth, knowing how stubborn she can be from time to time, so instead held her hand that way she could have something stable to hold on to.

"Follow me, kids." Called Bobby, dragging the two towards a group of cars, that are desperately waiting for someone to take them home. "Your first enchilada of freedom awaits underneath one of those hoods."

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