Chapter 4

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Hey ya guys how have you all been? Sorry that I haven't updated in a while but I'm moving so I've got to help my family with that packing and unpacking when we move to your new house.

But enough about me lets get on with the story.


60 years later (1997)





'What? What is that?'

Opening up her eyes for the first time after some time, the girl was greeted by a blinding white light. groaning in protest, she quickly covered her eyes with her arm in hopes of letting her stinging eyes calm down a bit.

A couple of seconds later there came a shocked gasp. "Doctor! Doctor Don! She's awake, the little girl from the forest is finally awake!"

Not too soon later there came the sound of a few pounding feet rushing towards her direction.

"How long?" Came a grouchy but calm voice.

"2 minutes." Came a different voice sounding sweet like honey.

"I see." Turing away from the nurse, the doctor carefully made his way over to the little girl's bed. " Come on sweetheart, try and open your eye's for me."

Trying to do what the man asked, the girl was greeted with another blinding light of white making her close her eye's again and groan in pain.

"I know, I know it hurts but I know you can do it, try again." Encouraged the Doctor

Giving it one last go, the girl carefully but slowly peeled her eye's open, allowing her to see a few things.Once fully open, the girl could clearly see a man slightly hovering over her, who had a bushy black and grey moustache and slick back hair that are also black and grey. While a nurse in blue pyjamas ( or scrubs) and red hair stood at the end of her bed.

"There much better, now we can see your pretty bright blue eye's." Replied the Doctor, giving her a pleased smile.

Looking at him in confusion, the girl tilted her head to the right, her shoulder revealing a strange symbol on her neck but no one paid attention.

"Now I must ask you but whats your name?" Asked Doctor Don, lowing himself down to the girl's eye level.

", my name is SB?" She choked, voice sounding horse and confused.

"SB, hu? Very unusual name but it is your name. Nurse Wonder could you please get SB a drink of water." Questioned Doctor Don, shifting his gaze to the nurse.

"Certainly Doctor," Exiting to another part of the room, Nurse Wonder, returned with a glass of clear liquid and handed it to SB.

Taking it carefully, SB nodded her thanks before skulling it down her parch throat, the cool liquid soothing her pipes.


"Much, thank you." Handing the nurse back the glass, SB returned her attention back to the doctor. "If you d...dont mind me asking, where am I?"

"You're in a place called a Hospitable, where we help look after and save people who are sick or dying." Responded Doctor Don

"Oh, an ositable, so does that mean I'm dying?" She whimpered

"What! No, no, no, no!" Panicked the Doctor realises that he gave SB the wrong information. "You're not dying, just injured but Nurse Wonder and I will make you all better again alright."

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