Revenge of the fallen chapter 3

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I am so sorry that you all had to wait for a long time for the next chapter; I will work on my timing a bit better so I can bring you more stories to come.


Skyblast drove about the area, making sure to keep an optic out for any Decepticons around with Bumblebee patrolling with her.

So far, nothing had been detected by either of them, which still didn't allow them to let their guard down. A few hours passed with both Bee and Sky receiving communication details from Optimus.

Accepting the call, Skyblast responded to her sire. "This is Skyblast. What's up, sire?"

The sound of Optimus' rumbling voice caused Skyblast to mentally frown when hearing the worry in her Sire's voice. "We've just received confirmation of multiple Decepticon contact on the move, we need you and Bumblebee to rendezvous with us."

"On it." She agreed, ending the call; she raced out of the small town with Been right behind her.

She knew that Bee overheard the conversation and immediately booked it to her location. The two received coordinates to where the others were located.

"We'll be fine," Assured Bee, he could already sense his future sparkmates worry. "I'll be close by."

"I know, it's unlike the Decepticons to embolize like this. Something doesn't add up," she stated, moving around a slower driver.

Skyblast kept thinking about many possibilities as to why the Decepticons were converging. While meeting up with the others, she was so lost in her thoughts that she nearly missed her sires' orders to Split into two teams.

She was grouped in her sire's team; they were heading for Philidelphia tracking a familiar signal to both Optimus and Skyblast.

"Is that?" She questioned, driving beside him.

"It is," He confirmed, speeding up.

The group moved around the large, abandoned building, Skyblast jamming the Decepticon's scanners, so they wouldn't be seen.

Transforming, she gave her body a good stretch and rotated her neck cables with a jerk from her arm; what was once her servos, switched out to a cannon.

The barrel glowed a gentle yellow, ready to be used. She heard the crashing and her sire breaking through the roof to literally give her uncle the jump.

That became a clear signal to her and Bee to make their move. Charging forward, Skyblast didn't slow down and broke through the wall, her mouth guard sliding up the moment she busted through the other side.

Her optics narrowed down on a familiar green femme, who smiled at her licking their dermas in a sadistic way.

"Greenstrick!" Skyblast growled, aiming her cannon at the said femme.

Releasing a bullet, it soared through the air missing its target. Skyblast fired off more rounds being mindful of the humans that she saw were around.

Greenstrike countered with her own onslaught of attacks, making Skyblast duck behind a large piece of machinery. This gave her a chance to get a proper look at the three humans.

Her spark dropped when she knew all three scrambling humans. "Scrap."

She immediately called her sire. "The three humans are Sam, Mikaela and Leo, Sam's roomie. Megatron must have abducted them."

"Then you are in charge of them until they are safe," Optimus instructed her.

Nodding her helm, Skyblast flinched a bit when a barrage of attacks hit her hiding area. Waiting for it to end, she barreled rolled out of her hiding spot, her other servo transforming into a cannon, firing away.

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