Chapter 3

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Ok, so Transformers 2007 does not belong to me but to Micheal Bay and Hasbro, the pictures that I upload also belong to there rightful owners. The only thing that belongs to me is Skyblast and any other future Character. Now onwards to the story.

Also how I read Femme is {Fem-me}, I don't know if this is how you guys read it but that is how I read it. There is no right or wrong, ok.


Arrive back home Bee was greeted by Skyblast, who had fallen into recharge while putting together a small amount of her and Bee's stuff in a subspace bag on the table.

Chuckling Bee slowly but carefully made his way over to his friend hoping that she wouldn't accidentally wack him when trying to wake her.

'Sky. Skyblast come on get up, we've got to get ready.' Whirred Bee in a hushed tone, lightly shaking Skyblast's shoulder.

"Mmmfghfff." Mumbled Sky through her elbow, digging her head deeper into her arm.

Sighing out of frustration, Bee tried one last time. 'Come on Sky get up otherwise well be late for our mission.'

Hearing the word 'Mission' Skyblast bolted up from her spot at the kitchen bench. "Ohscrap  I forgot all about it!" She yelped

Rolling his optics, Bee grabbed his bag and placed it in his subspace located in his hip.

'Kind of figured you did when I got home, now come on its almost time to leave.' He buzzed waving her over to him, before exiting out of the room.

"Comin' comin'!" Pipped up Skyblast, quickly yanking her bag into her subspace and rushed out to Bumblebee who looked a bit Impacient.

'About time.' Beeped Bee, his arms crossed, giving Sky a playful grin.

Huffing out of embarrassment, Sky walked past Bee towards bay 4.

'Hey, Skyblast are you alright?' Whirred Bee, feeling concerned for his friend.

Stopping in her tracks, Skyblast spun around facing Bumblebee with fresh energon tears, sliding down her faceplate.

"I'm not ok Bee." She said, her voice cracking a bit. "I  mean, I'm leaving home on a who knows how long mission to some strange planet, looking for The Cube, some weird item all while having a low profile and keeping an eye out for any rouge Decepticons and my evil aft uncle, so I'm kind of cracking under the pressure." 

By that point, Skyblast was a sobbing mess her spark feeling broken and torn.

Spark dropping at the sight of his loved one, Bee pulled Skyblast towards a secluded room and gave the femme a warm embrace while stroking a sensitive spot on her wings.

Ever since they were younglings both Sky and Bee were always able to find sensitive spots on their wing joints in an attempt to calm each other down. By that point, Optimus would find them later in each other's embrace asleep.

'Sshhh, it's gonna be okay, I'll make sure to keep you safe, alright?' Soothed Bee, still stroking Skyblast's back and wings.

"Thank you, Bee and I'll do the same to you too." She mumbled in Bee's chest, her head resting over his spark, while his head rested on top of her head.

There was only a few hight difference between the two. Bee was 17.5 feet tall (5.33m) while Sky stood at 16.7 feet (5.09m).

'He smells like my favourite energon sweet drink.' She thought, tightening her hold on Bee. ' Primus I wish I had enough confidence in telling him how much I love him.'

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