Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"She will never agree to travel to Romania," Olivia shook her head thinking about Rye's reaction. "She doesn't even believe in mates or the bond."

The little office in which both Lawson and Olivia sat was drenched in color by the winter sun. For a somber day, the weather was uncooperative sunny.

Lawson tried again, "Perhaps there could be another way to get Rye to Romania. I know your husband was born there, she must want to see his childhood home?"

Olivia was deep in thought. Her mind had not stopped racing since Lawson had told her that he suspects Rye of being the Queen Luna. "You said you can sense it? What if you're wrong?"

"That is a possibility. It wouldn't be the first time we mistook a common Luna for the queen Luna. But I am telling you there is something different about Rye. As soon has I had walked into that funeral home it was like all I could sense was her presence."

"Why can't I sense it?" Olivia asked, "I am her mother, she lived with me for almost 20 years now."

"What you sense is your child," Lawson explained, "Your judgments are crowded by your motherly instincts for her."

"She will never agree to this," Olivia rubbed the space on her forehead between her eyebrows. "I know my daughter, she's headstrong. She wants nothing to do with her wolf side. The only one that could have convinced her was...was..." Olivia's voice cracked.

"Jacob," Lawson said quietly.

Olivia nodded.

They both fell into a thick silence. Lawson's mind ran thousands of ideas per second. Olivia thought of her baby girl. Her stubborn and rebellious daughter that she wished dearly would open up to her.

After the clock had ticked by an hour with heavy hands, Olivia cleared her throat. "Jacob had once said he wanted his ashes to be scattered in the lake behind his childhood home."

Lawson's ears perked up, "Yes, that could work."

"When do you want to do this?"

"The sooner the better. We could be possibly introducing the King to his Queen."


Being in Romania without her father felt strange to Rye. She didn't want to leave home and come to a foreign country with people she couldn't stand currently. But Olivia had been hellbent on getting Jacob's ashes to Romania.

The twins had agreed at once to travel to Romania without questioning. But Rye didn't go down without a fight.

"How do you know that's what he wanted?" Rye had asked her mother the night after the funeral.

"He was my mate and husband Rye. I knew what he wanted."

"Did you also know that he wanted to go to South Africa with you last Christmas?" Rye stabbed the chicken on her dinner plate with her fork and moved the pieces around as she eyed her mother.

Olivia sighed, "Rye, I know you're upset with me. I know you think I was never there for dad but sweetheart, he was my mate and we had an understanding. You wouldn't understand how your father and I felt about each other until you meet your own mate."

Rye set her fork down and smiled sweetly at her mother, "I hope I choke on this bland chicken before that happens."

Olivia sighed once more, "Jacob would have wanted you to come with us."

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