Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The first thing Rye did when Mihai set her down in a room was grab the lamp off the table and swing at him. She knew it was useless because of his werewolf reflexes but for her own sanity she had to.

Of course Mihai caught it with ease. He put it out of reach of the girl. Yesterday morning the whole Armory had gotten a debriefing about the possible Queen Luna coming to stay with them until the King returned from business. Mihai, like most, had felt a sense of excitement at being one of the first to meet the Queen. But he wasn't expecting her to coming like this.

Screaming, tearing the room apart, and oh what a vocabulary she had. Mihai stood a solid two feet over the girl. She wasn't tiny, she was all legs and arms. But she was tiny to him. He followed her around the room making sure she didn't hurt herself in the process of trashing the place.

Every time she would try to dash for the door he would scoop her up as gently as possible and move her to the back of the room. He was thankful the room had only one tiny window he had to worry about.

The fifth time Rye tried for the door Mihai caught her again and sat her down on the bed. She screamed.

"Let go of me you mute brute!" She threw out all her limbs in hopes of landing at least a couple of hits on him.

She did. But Mihai remained unfazed.

"I am not mute," He said quietly.

Rye paused and looked up at him with annoyance, "You haven't said much"

"You didn't ask any question, all you did was scream and call me names."

"I'm practicing all my curses." Rye slid off the bed and sat on the cold marble floor. She was drained, and she was smart enough to know she needed to conserve her energy.

Mihai walked to the door and picked up the chair she had thrown earlier and took a seat.

"Why am I here?" Rye asked him.

She is to not know that we suspect her of being the Queen Luna. She will be told she is here to train.

"To train." Mihai said.


"I don't know."

"You speak English well," Rye observed, "Why did you pretend to not speak English in the car?"

"I was told to not talk to you too much."

"Told by whom?"

"Your mother."

"That stanky bitch,"

Mihai looked uncomfortable, "Ah...please do not speak like that about your mother"

"It's my mother, not yours!"

Mihai was silent.

Rye watched him closely. He carried no weapons, not that werewolves needed any. He was built like a building. Rye wondered how he had ever fit into that SUV. He seemed nervous. He kept looking at his watch or turning to look at the door behind him.

"What is it?" Rye asked irritated.

Mihai shook his head and looked his watch again.

"The least you could do is talk to me, you kidnapped me!"

"I did no such thing!" Mihai looked alarmed, "I was only following orders."

"Orders from who?"

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