Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The walk down to the main floor and the back of the building was proving to be longer than necessary. Xavier felt as if his wolf would come out any second now and sniff out Rye Alden. He took each step with great care with his nose slightly raised in the air to try and catch her scent.

When they had finally arrived to the great lawn after what seemed like an infinity, the sweetest scent of wild gardenia and fresh forest rain invaded his senses. He wanted to drown in the scent. To Xavier it felt as if every part of him was set on heavenly fire. Sweet burning flames that were tearing him apart to reveal parts of him he never knew existed.

He was becoming whole.

Xavier searched the lawn, his green eyes desperate to catch a glimpse of his mate.

And there she was. Center field, wearing navy blue gym shorts and a gray shirt. Her dark hair was pulled back into a high ponytail with long strands escaping from all directions. Despite the chill February air, she had little droplets of sweat on her forehead. Her brows were knit together in concentration as she tried to put the arrow she was holding into her bow.

Xavier had always known mates were the most beautiful people one ever met in their life, but to him Rye was more beautiful than words could describe. Her long legs seemed to go on forever, but even with her height, she seemed so small and delicate to Xavier.

The rest of the world disappeared. All Xavier could see was Rye, who was still unaware of his presence. All he could hear was her low heart beat. Everything he had experience up to this moment in life dulled in comparison.

He had found her. Finally, after 2 hundred years. How had he managed to live without her for 2 hundred years? He could even imagine taking his eyes off of her for a second.

Absent mindlessly, Xavier took a step forward as Rye's name slipped out of his lips like a prayer.


Rye's head snapped up. She was startled by the low deep voice that whispered her name. There was no one near her, yet she could have sworn the person had whispered right into her ear. Her nose filled with the strong scent of citrus and ocean breeze. The scent was maddening. She couldn't get enough with each breath.

Rye looked up from her bow to find a pair of celestial green eyes gazing at her from across the lawn. For a second, Rye thought her heart might stop. The man before her was beautiful. She could almost feel his dark curls wrap around her fingers as if she was running her hands through them. He looked older than Rye, maybe in his late 20's if she had to guess. But his eyes seems so much wiser. Gold those green eyes. It was impossible to look away. Reluctantly, Rye let her eyes drop from those green orbs and fall down his body like a slow moving waterfall. He was built. Rye wanted to know just how far her hands would be set apart if she were to grab his wide shoulders. His shoulder to waist ratio reminded Rye of the Captain America Doritos memes.

She blushed heavily when she looked back up to those green eyes to see the man still gazing at her. For a brief moment she couldn't understand what was happening to her. Her legs were screaming to carry her over to him. She felt as if there was an invisible string tied to the bottom of her rib cage that bound her to him.

But Rye was smart. It didn't take her long to figure out who he was.


A voice said quietly in her mind. And also the King, Rye figured by the way everyone on the lawn was bowing their heads to him.

She fought against the urge to walk over to him. It was one of the hardest things to do. She had never needed to fight her own mind before. Anger and frustration boiled inside of Rye.

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