Chapter 7

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CH 7

Home was an understatement. The palace in front of Rye was more magnificent than anything in the human words. It had a large lawn in the front with lush green grass and heavy tall shrubs. Following the lawn was a maze of rose bushes that created intricate patterns. Past the rose garden was finally a gravel driveway that lead up to a massive stone staircase. The building itself was designed like a gothic cathedral.

Xavier watch Rye carefully with each step they took. Does she like it? He wondered. He looked up to the place he called home and it was like seeing it for the first time. To Xavier, he was suddenly experiencing everything for the first time through Rye's eyes.

Rye paused at the foot of the staircase and looked over at Xavier. She scrunched up her nose and said, "A bit much, no?"

Xavier chuckled, "It was designed by my mother."

"Oh," Rye looked back at the structure. "It has character."

Once inside, Xavier lead Rye through a grand entrance and into a livingroom with a large fireplace. The fireplace was so big, Rye could swear she could walk straight into it.

"Are you hungry?" Xavier asked to break the silence.

Rye nodded, "Yes, I am actually."

As Rye finished her words an elderly man walked into the room wearing a suit that all butlers in every movie ever wore.

"Rye, this is Mardick. He is in charge of all that happened in this house. Anything you need, he is the man. Madrick, this is Rye Alden, my mate." Xavier said proudly, coming to stand next to Rye.

Mardick bowed elegantly, "Your grace, it's a pleasure."

"Mardick, please serve lunch in the west wing."

"Yes, sir." Marddick bowed once again before exiting the room silently.

Rye couldn't help but turn to Xavier with a grin, "Your grace," She said in a mocking voice and lowered her body in a clumsy curtsy.

Xavier watched her, she was so different from what he had imagined, he thought once again.

"Let me show you to your room," Xavier motioned for Rye to follow him.

Rye was pleasantly surprised, "We're not sharing a room?"

Xavier was caught off guard by her question, "I had assumed you would want your own room," he cleared his throat, "Do you want to share a room?"

"No, it's just that's how it always is, isn't it?" Rye narrowed her eyes at the man in front of her, "I mean in the werewolf books. The alpha, you, kidnaps his mate, me. And then he forces her to stay in his room."

Xavier looked at her in utter confusion, "What is a werewolf book?"

Rye rolled her eyes, "Nevermind," She stepped towards him, "Lead the way."

"Would you like to stay in my room?" Xavier asked.

"What!" Rye shrieked, " I don't know you, you psycho."

"But you asked about sharing a room-"

"It was a joke," Rye explained, "In teen fiction books, you would make me share your room with you."

Xavier was amused by her mindless banter. He had no idea what she was talking about, but he didn't want her to stop. "What else would happen in these books?"

"Well," Rye started at they walked up yet another massive staircase, "Pretty soon, you will introduce me to your Beta and his mate and we will be instant best friends for life and share all our secrets."

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