Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It was Rye's third day at the Armory and also her third visit to the headmistress's office.

The first visit was arranged on the first day when Rye had "accidentally" pulled the fire alarm in the middle of the day. She got off with a warning from the headmistress.

The second visit was after Rye had swung a bat exactly the way the instructors had told them not to. She almost broke Kevin Silverstein's left leg.

That was the day she also meet Mr. Barens, the vice headmaster. He was a short man with oversized glasses that seemed to always be sliding off his face. Unlike Evangeline, Mr. Barens was not so good at keeping his emotions in check. He had displayed many shades of red when sitting across from Rye, lecturing her about the dangers of not following instructions.

Today, Rye sat in Evangeline's office again waiting for her to discuss today's issues.

"Rye," Evangeline sighed, "You can not call an instructor an incompetent breast-less barbie. Miss. Julia Romano is a highly trained combat instructor. She is an ex marine."

"She looks 12."

"She is pure lycan. We stop aging after a certain age."

"No wonder she's so bitter, underneath all that she's probably an old hag"

Evangeline stared at Rye with a blank expression. "You must apologize to Ms. Romano. And you have kitchen clean up duty for the rest of the week."

"I don't know how to clean"

"You'll learn."

"I won't."

"You will."

Evangeline shuffled the papers on her desk as she waited for Rye to stomp out of her office. But the dark haired gray eyed girl just sat here grilling her.

"Rye," Evangeline softened her voice, "I know this is hard for you. But please can yo-"

"Do you have children?" Rye asked.

Evangeline blinked at the sudden change in conversation, "Ah yes. I do. A daughter."

"Would you ever do to her what my mother did to me?"

Evangeline didn't know how to answer her. Honestly, no. She wouldn't have. But it wasn't her place to say anything to Rye. She knew Rye's relationship with her mother was rocky. She just hoped as the future Queen Luna, Rye's mother instincts were better then Olivia's.

"Rye, I think you are late for your kitchen duty." Evangeline stood to escort the girl to the kitchen.

"You wouldn't do it." Rye said quietly, "Sometimes, I wish it was her in the car."


Kitchen duty was agonizing.

Rye had been doing a good job at avoiding most of the student body. She attended classes because she had nothing better to do. The four walls of her room were starting to suffocate her.

In class she could feel everyone's eyes on her. She could hear them whispering about her. She would look at them in disgust and they would look away, embarrassed at being caught.

Rye only attended classes to raise havoc and terrorize the students. She would look for excuses or opportunities to trip someone or hit them during combat training or detrail the instructors from lectures.

But no matter what she did, she couldn't get a response out of anyone. It was like they accepted everything she did. Yesterday morning she had pushed a classmate into the pool when she was taking too long to get into the water, and the girl simply stared at her in shock before moving to the other side of the pool, away from Rye.

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