Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Xavier was pondering over the case files of the bodies found in the river when Rye walked into his office.

"Knock knock."

Normally, Xavier would have been irritated with anyone else walking into his office without knocking, but Rye was an exception to everything.

"Am I interrupting?"


"No? Okay good," Rye said taking a seat, "Did you think I forgot about your promise?"

"Which promise?" Xavier asked.

"When you said you would tell me why you were all worked up the other day. Something about my safety."

"You didn't forget," Xavier leaned back, "Of course you didn't."

"Spill the tea," Rye said.

"The tea?"

"Just tell me what's going on old man."

Xavier pulled out a file from his desk and gave it over to Rye. He wanted her safe and shield from the world, but she was his equal and it will be just as much her responsibility as his to protect their kingdom together.

"A few days before you came to Romanian, a few human residence had started to go missing in nearby towns. Our connections in the police department had let us know the bodies were found in a farmhouse. They wanted us to have a look immediately. Upon arriving, we discovered the bodies all carried bite marks..."

Rye looked up in shock, "That's illegal. To turn humans."

"Yes, and that is why it concerned us. We weren't able to pull much evidence from the bodies and for a while the case went cold. But suddenly, the day we were in town for breakfast, more bodies were discovered with bite marks. They were found just two miles from the town. As we were investigating, we found more bodies with fresh bite marks, suggesting whoever is behind this was close by..."

"That's why you freaked out when you heard I was in town." Rye concluded.

"Yes," Xavier looked at Rye, "I felt completely helpless, you were out there and if anything had happened to you before I got to you, I don't know what I would have done."

There was a sudden and unfamiliar tug in Rye's chest.

"This morning two more bodies were found, " Xavier said quietly, "They were taken for autopsy. I am going there in a few to see what is happening."

"I want to come with you." Rye said sitting up.

Xavier looked at Rye for a long time. He knew she wouldn't listen if he said no. He didn't want her to be in a place like that, "Rye, it's not the most pleasant place."

"Xavier, I want to become a's not unfamiliar territory for me."

Xavier thought about it for a few minutes before nodding and telling Rye to get ready.


Rye was surprised Xavier was letting her come along with him without much of a fight. In the car she stole glances at him. His handsome face was engraved with worried lines. A light five o'clock shadow was making an appearance along his strong jawline. His dark curly hair pushed back from the many times he had run his hands through them, a tick of his Rye had noticed.

The more Rye looked at Xavier, the more he reminded her of the status of David. A hot burning sensation grew in the pit of her stomach as she concluded that underneath that black blazer and sweater he was just as chiseled as David.

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