Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Xavier could smell Rye even before he opened his eyes. A great panic rose in his chest as he jumped up in bed.

With great confusion and worry, he looked around the room to see he was back at the castle. Next to him in bed was Rye. Her long legs were wrapped around Xavier's and her wild curls spread out on the pillow.

He sighed in relief. She was safe. She was in front of him.

Xavier leaned over and traced her face with his fingers. Rye stirred awake.

She looked up at him with great relief and threw her arms around his neck.

"You're okay!" Rye said into his neck, "Oh thank god."

Xavier wrapped his arms around Rye's waist and pulled her onto his lap. He buried his face in her hair and inhaled her scent. Every inch of him was aware of all the parts of her body that pressed onto him. He could finally breathe.

Rye pulled back just enough to look at him. She smiled as her eyes glossed over with tears.

"What happened?" Xavier asked, wiping away her tears, "How did I get here?"

Rye leaned forward and rested her forehead against Xavier's. She ran her hand up his neck and into his hair.

Xavier's spine tingled at her touch. He felt himself harden under Rye.

"Rye," Xavier said breathlessly.

"Shhh," Rye pressed a finger onto his lips, "Don't say anything."

Xavier watched as Rye straddled him and pushed him back gently so that his back was against the headboard. His heartbeat picked up. He could barely contain himself.

Rye reached out, taking his hands and placed them on her hips. She then proceeded to undo the buttons on her nightgown. Before the fabric could give away and expose her to Xavier, he pulled the shirt close.

"Rye, what are you doing?" He asked concerned.

Rye looked up at him with hurt in her eyes, "you don't want me?" she asked in a low voice.

"Of course I do," Xavier pulled her closer, "It's taking all of my self control to not rip this shirt off of you and take you right now."

Rye smiled mischievously, "Then do it."

"What brought this on Rye?" Xavier asked pushing her back gently.

"I want you!" Rye said frustrated.

"And I want you!," Xavier assured her, "But this is so sudden, you're not acting like yourself."

Rye frowned and climbed off of Xavier. She jumped off the bed and did the buttons on her shirt.

"Rye.." Xavier followed her out of bed.

"No!" Rye turned to him in anger, "Stay away from me."

Xavier's head had started to hurt again. He could feel himself sway slightly.

He was about to sit back down on the bed again when a figure appeared behind Rye.

Xavier's heart stopped.

It was Alice. She appeared out of thin air and stood right next to Rye.

Xavier tried to jump up and grab Rye but his body wouldn't move. He struggled and commanded his legs to hold him up but he was rooted to where he stood, frozen.

Rye was looking at him suddenly with heartbreaking sadness in her eyes. Her beautiful grey eyes were dimed and she began to cry.

"Xavier," she spoke in between sobbs, "Help me!"

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