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I tried calming all of them down but they wouldn't

Y/n: cmon now guys! You are ok, you guys are kids now!

Then I remembered yesterday's day, they were begging for me to let them go to school


I was chilling in my new room when someone knocked on the door

Y/n: come in!

"Tata and the rest walk in"

Y/n: yes?

Tata: eomma can tata and rest go school?

Y/n: school?


Y/n: honey....."picks up everybody and puts them on bed" sorry but I can't

Cooky:but dadas said yes!

They said yes?!?!ugh they are dumb

Y/n:honey I get that your daddies said you can but y'all are not like other kids and second I couldn't pick you up since I have to clean the house while your daddies have a lot of work and songs to do.

Koya: yeah listen to mom

Of course he wanna stay to sleep.....aish this kid

Y/n: maybe next year?

Shooky: f-fine

Y/n:thank you for understanding guys now.......IS SNACK TIME

They all went running downstairs

End of flashback

y/n: guys you can go to school!

Soon the crying went out and cheerings started

Y/n: now that everything is well how about we go to the pool?


They all went to change to their dads shirts and shorts since they were kids now and they didn't have no swimsuits when I was about to go up to get a towel I got stopped by jimin

Jimin: you are really incredible

I blushed a little

Y/n:thanks ima go get the towels for them be careful with chimmy he's probably looking though all your stuff to get clothes


I giggles and went to the room and grabbed the towels

I went to tell everybody to go outside so we can have so good time and they said that tomorrow is a free day for them so why not?

Time skips

The kids were on the pool while I was just relaxing talking with the boys

Namjoon: so y/n........what type of date would you like to have? A cute one? A relaxing one?

Y/n: well I would like a picnic type but why?

Namjoon: just wondering

Y/n:ok? Well I'm going to go get something on my room

After that I went upstairs and searched for another towel since the kids were making a mess outside the pool running and jumping. I cannot find one were are all the towels? I searched behind van who is sleeping and nothing

1 hour later

I give up I'm just gonna go to jin's room and grab one I went there grabbed one then I went outside and the guys are just chilling talking and laughing I told the kids to go take a shower and sleep since it was 10 pm already after that I sat down on my chair and notice how the guys are talking weird

Taehyung: ah~ y/n yOu aRe bacK

Y/n: I see you stopped ignoring me by the way why y'all talking weird?

Jin: oh easY we DrAnk Some AlcoHol


Namjoon: JiN dOn'T tElL hEr AgAiN ShE TrYnNa mAkE yOu cHanGe wHat YoU sAid BecAuse wE mEsSed Up

Jin:OhHh ThAnKs DuMbAsS

Namjoon: HeY!

Jungkook: wHaT JiN MeAnt WaS Uh- Oh *Tries talking normal* that we drank apple juice

Y/n: I'm not that dumb you know!

Taehyung: I-

Y/n: nop don't talk let's just get y'all to bed now namjoon cmon you first you the smartest maybe you will just not do nonsense

Namjoon stood up and fall down
Ugh this is what I get for taking to long searching for a towel

Y/n:ugh come over here "picks him up and puts one of his arm around me" ok let's go

Half way the stairs he stopped he looked at me and said

Namjoon: you're b- "hiccup" beautiful


He got his face close to mines our lips were only inches away I quickly grabbed him and went downstairs and sit him on the couch

Y/n: stay here ima go get the rest

Namjoon:o- mkay

When I went there yoongi was in the pool and taehyung was about to jump in

Y/n: NOO

Taehyung fall in the pool before he could even look at me Ugh these kids I'm just gonna leave them there and keep on with the rest cuz if I take them out they will just on in again.....

I quickly got tae and suga our the pool and gave them towels after that I tried to take to out of time when I got there namjoon was gone really?!?!? I thought he knew better

I guess not when he's drunk I got suga and v on the couch when I was about to go get Jin and hoseok they were all behind me following me like baby ducks

Y/n: aww thanks now cmon sit down on the couch while I tried to find namjoon! Wait do y'all have cameras?

Hoseok: yea- "stops for a minute to burp" yeah We Do on The Computer


I went on the computer and he was on the floor upstairs I slapped my self and got him then put him in the couch then I make sure everybody was there

Y/n: ok guys, now, why did you ask me what type of date I would like?

Jungkook:ahh~ is because we were- "stops for 5 seconds" we were gonna take you on a date

Y/n: oh- all of you?

Jimin: "tried talking English" yeah us all- together- yeah

Namjoon: "talks fluent English" jimin you got no jams

(Sorry I had to 😂)

To be continued.......

Guys Author here now that I'm on vacations I will upload more and I made a long paragraph so y'all can forgive me 💜 tomorrow next part will be up

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