House Recovery (part 2)

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Namjoon's Pov

The minute we got her in was a mess she was trying to bite us, kick us, and punch us she was yelling like crazy that we actually had to stop by a gas station to buy her actual candy

I decided to go in with Jin-Hyung and Hoseok so the rest can stay with her in case she tries anything stupid, we got every candy we know she likes, and of course, banana milk.

When we get back to the cart we see a taehyung in the back crying like a kid, Yoongi, Jungkook, and Jimin trying to hold y/n back

Namjoon: What happened?!

Yoongi: nothing to worry about, she bit Taehyung on his hand

When Yoongi said that Jin started glaring at Y/n and she quickly calmed down

We all look at Jin

Jin: what?

Hobi: how you did that

Jin: Do what?

Jungkook: she clearly stopped when you look at her

Jin: I don't know

Namjoon: *Sighs* Alright, Jin will stay with her, I'll drive *Wattpad Logic*

Jin: What- no! I refuse

Jungkook: too late

Jungkook pushes Jin next to Y/n and then close the door

* 25 Minutes later*

Namjoon: we are home

Yoongi: Finally, I wanna sleep

Jimin: Nah your helping us take y/n inside

Yoongi: You wish

Namjoon: Wish my foot, Your helping us Yoongi

Yoongi: Psstt whatever

Taehyung: I don't wanna I'm scared...

Jin: Is ok, You can go to your room. I'll make you something delicious to eat ok?

Taehyung: *Nods and goes out of the van Quickly*

Namjoon: Alright, how about....wait! We still have does hospital beds that you can roll around! One of you go get it and we'll tie her with those stuff it have so she doesn't fall off.

Jimin: I'll get it! I know where it is.

After 5 minutes we can see Jimin coming with the hospital bed, we put her in the bed, Surprisingly she stay still I'm guessing is because Jin gave her a look
Then we bring her inside and leave her in my bed. Of course, we left her watching her favorite show. We all go down to the dining table

Namjoon: so what are we going to do to make her remember?

Jin: giving her the food we have all eaten with her before?

Yoongi: give her the stuff we have her as gift on the morning before dinner

Jungkook: take her to places we been before?

Jimin: watch the movies we saw with her before

Taehyung: Maybe do stuff we have done with her before?

Hoseok: Learn Dances we done with her before!

Namjoon: well...those are good about tomorrow we-


Which idea should they do?

Jin's idea? *comment here*

Hobi's idea? *comment here*

Yoongi's idea? *comment here*

Taehyung's idea? *Comment here*

Jungkook's idea? *Comment here*

Jimin's idea? *Comment here*

Namjoon's Idea that we don't know about? *comment here*

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