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Namjoon: How about we do- All of them?

Jin: That can get her really tired tho...

Namjoon: *Sigh* I know, but there's no other option

*Y/n's Pov*

Ugh! They are Crazy! They kidnapped me what do I do? Should I earn their trust and escape or escape now?......I ONLY LIVE ONCE

I tried opening the door but it doesn't work so I tried opening the window and...Bingo

It's open so I look down and I'm on a high level so I grab some pillows and throw them down then a 5 Blankets down when I was about to jump down I hear footsteps so I quickly go under the bed and hope not to get caught. I heard the door open and I froze I then hear "Y/nnie?, where are you?" He says and starts searching around he then looks at the window "F*ck" before he ran out he looked behind and when I thought he was goneI feel somebody grab my ankle I scream

Namjoon: Calm down! *pulls her out by her waist*

Y/n: Let me go! Let me go!

Namjoon: Baby, your safe with us please

Third person pov

Y/n tries to loosen her self but only cause him to grip harder he puts her over his shoulder and then goes close the window and door with both lock he puts her down in the bed and before she even tries to do something he lays down and grabs her by the waist so they are now in spoon position she tried to escape from his arms the best she could but Namjoon puts a leg in top of her

Namjoon: Please Love, Im very tired, I was supposed to practice today but I didn't so that means tomorrow I got double the work

Y/n just gives up "I mean, This is not that bad after all.." She thought "FOCUS! Your supposed to escape" She thinks again

She decides to gain this guys trust by acting as she knows them wish she had no idea what it meant and then she'll say she'll go to the nearest police station and escape!

Namjoon: Baby.....I really miss you..And so does your kids *Bt21*

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