Dinner (part 2)

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While we were discussing that "kids" part which I don't want cuz I already have 8 kiddos at home and more would be kinda of too much even tho bt21 can do their own thing and actually act like they are grown mans I'm not ready

Sarah: hi I'm back did you already discuss what you wanna eat?

Namjoon: yeah pls give me the Korean knife-cut noodle soup

Jin: let me get some lobster

Sarah: do you want fries or vegetables on the side?

Jin: fries

Hoseok: kimchi! And pls refill my sprite

Jungkook: pizza

Yoongi: Galbi

Sarah: right away~ (in flirty voice)

Ughhhh I hate her! She's trynna flirt with my boyfriend

Taehyung: Japchae

Jimin: chicken and fries

dad: pasta for me and her

Y/n: sushi pls?

Sarah: ok let me get those for you

Mom: I'm going to the bathroom can you come with me

Dad: of course

After they left I reached my hand to yoongi's cup and it was hot he quickly grabbed it and said

Yoongi: what? Is coke

Y/n: then why is it hot?

Yoongi: uh-

Before he could talk I snatched the cup and smelled it I could see all the guys laughing and saying "your dead"

Y/n: really? Coffee?

Yoongi: I ordered a coke Sarah was the one who gave it to me!

Y/n: "sighs" fine I'll let it slide, I'm going to the bathroom real quick

Yoongi: are you mad?

Y/n: no I just wanna pee

After Jimin moved so I could go to the bathroom I went and saw mom and dad going back to the table

Mom: your going to the bathroom?

Y/n: yeah

Dad: alright we'll wait for you on the table

Y/n: thanks

When I went in the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror but before I could say something I heard someone coming in and locking the door I turn around and saw Sarah

Y/n: can you unlocked so I can go?

Sarah: I'm afraid not

Y/n: look I don't wanna mess with you-

Sarah: SHUSH, I want you to leave them alone and stop bossing them around you act like they are your boyfriends when they are no-

Y/n: they are


Y/n: and actually what you said goes for you! STOP MESSING AROUND WITH MY BOYFRIENDS THEY ARE MINE

Sarah: girl your looking ugly than me I'm the hotter version of you

Y/n: I'm looking at that $1.00 wig you got and I can tell is very cheap, honey you are looking like a whole monkey do not call me the less hot version of you, talking like a dry goat

Sarah: Ugh you will regret going out with them

She was about to slapped me but I catch her hand push her to the floor and went out I got to the table and they asked me if everything was ok

Y/n: yeah why?

Jin: your hair is messy

Y/n:oh yeah I- I- was trynna kill a fly!! but I fall down yeah that

Bts: ARE YOU OK?!?!

Y/n: I'm fine I'm fine

I sat down and we started chatting

*20 minutes later*

Sarah: guys I'm sorry for getting late there was a lot of food to cook for the chef

She gave us all our foods and we started eating she smirk and left I was suspicious about the food but I tasted it and is fine

I wanted to try some of their foods I took some of each of their plates except for mom and dad

Jimin: really babe?

Y/n: wha?

Namjoon: you stole food from us

Y/n:ahhh- stop being ungrateful you still have a lot of food left

Jungkook: well at least let us know we would give you some next time our selfs-

Mom: this is love at first sight~

Jin: really mom?

Dad: let's just enjoy our food guys.

*after eating*

Mom: guys is already 12 am and y'all have to work tomorrow it would be better if yall start heading home

Taehyung:well let's us pay fir-

Dad: is ok I'll pay

Namjoon: thanks dad we appreciate that

Dad: np, now go sleep well

*everyone*: bye

(20 minutes later)

After we got home I felt some cramps but I just thought I was getting on my code red so I just went paid the babysitter and went to sleep

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