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Poppy washed her dishes from the night before, her phone laying straight up on speaker. "Poppy, we've been dating for two months now," George whined through the phone. "I just want to see you."

Poppy laughed at the way he sounded like a child. "I want it to be special. Just be patient."

"Fine," He groaned. "Are you streaming today?"

"Yep. I was just about to go and start up my computer," She said as she wiped off her hands and grabbed her phone. "I'll probably send out a tweet."

"Are you playing a game? I'm streaming Among Us in a little while," George insisted.

"I was planning on doing a Just Chatting... You can hop in if you want to."

"That's all good. I'll probably just leave you and your chat alone."

"Alright. I'll talk to you later?"

"Sure. Have a good stream!"



poppy [twpoppy]
going live soon on twitch @ poppyplays!! see you all there <3


"Hello, hello everyone!" Poppy said cheerfully. "I'm
pretty tried today so we'll just be doing a just chatting. Go ahead and ask some questions in chat and I'll pick some out!"

$10 Donation from SapNapsSugarBaby:
what color should i dye my hair? love you !!

"Well, SapNapsSugarBaby," Poppy snickered. "I suggest blue! Any shade."

The chat filled with questions about George and she tried her best to avoid the uncomfortable ones. George sent a highlighted text in chat.

GeorgeNotFound: behave, chat.

Poppy weakly smiled at his attempt to control her viewers. "George is right, chat. You need to control yourselves with these... really weird questions," Poppy mentioned a bit awkwardly.

GeorgeNotFound: be respectful of her boundaries on questions.

The chat didn't seem to stop with questions. Poppy held herself back from getting mad at them. "Any other questions?"

A few hours had passed and although the disrespectful comments had died down, the questions about George had not. She continued on with their current topic: Her and George's dynamic.

"George and I are just friends, you guys know that," Poppy mumbled before yawning. She apologized before continuing. "I wouldn't mind taking a trip to the UK. I've always been interested in the sights out there, plus I'd get to meet all my friends."

DreamWasTaken: you'd really just leave me here?? wow.

Poppy laughed at Dream's highlighted message. "You're fully welcome to come with me, we can discuss the details later," She replied with a cheery tone. "... And before any other friends in the chat ask, you can come with me."

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