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"Hello, hello everyone!" Poppy weakly smiled at her camera. There were obvious dark circles under her puffy eyes, and she looked like she hadn't slept in weeks.

Technically, it was true. She hadn't gotten more than three hours of sleep per 48 hours in over three weeks. George begged her to get some rest, but it just wasn't working.

Her chat filled with concerned messages. She hadn't streamed in a week. "I know that I've left you all hanging, and that wasn't fair of me. This is going to be a very brief stream, probably under 10 minutes. I'm just going to be explaining my situation and moving forward."

"Basically, I'm going to be taking a break," She began. "I've been having some personal issues and I need to work on my mental health for now. I love each and every one of you, but sometimes I just need to put myself first."

"You can think that I'm selfish or hate me for doing this, but I'm just not in the right mental state to be streaming right now. I hope you all understand that this isn't supposed to be a guilt trip, and I'm not looking for pity. All I'm asking for is a bit of time."

"This shouldn't be a very long break, but as a creator I think it's important to tell you guys these things. Um... That's really it but I want you all to know I'm fully okay with you guys uploading and clipping this stream. Usually I don't like people to upload my streams but I think because it's an announcement that I'll let it slide. Thank you all for your support and love during this time."

Poppy said her goodbyes and turned off the stream with a sigh. She checked her phone to see some messages from Clay.


florida man
i'm watching your stream
text me after

pop tart

florida man
so what's up with you
i'm worried

pop tart
my brain is fucking collapsing
i haven't slept
and i miss george
and i can't fucking sleep
and i miss george

florida man
can you not sleep because you miss george?
it is it two different reasons

pop tart
not to get gushy
but i can't fall asleep without him
i need some type of contact
and i haven't gotten that in three weeks
what's wrong with me

florida man
no no that's normal
like that makes sense
but what's your plan? you always have one

there isn't a plan
i'm just gonna do something impulsive

florida man
like buy a pie impulsive or buy a ticket impulsive


florida man
well i mean
i'm not holding you back
but maybe think it over before you act

it's not like i'll have to sleep on it
haha get it
cause like
you can laugh

florida man
o k a y
think about it



Poppy traced the palm of her hand with her finger. It was 4 am, but she once again wasn't sleeping. Her mind seemed to be racing 100 miles per hour. It was agonizing.

From time to time she would sit up in bed and run her hands through her hair, hoping everything in her brain would simply stop. Each time she lied down she was greeted with the cold truth that it wouldn't be that way.

Giving up, she let her thoughts flow freely.

Should I move in with George? What if he doesn't want me there? I would miss it here. I would miss being so close to Clay. Would I be able to sleep? Are there really that many benefits of moving? It would cost a lot of money...

Poppy weakly pulled up her phone.


pop star
how would you feel about a roommate?

Three weeks had flown by Poppy, and although her sleeping schedule wasn't the greatest, her mental health was doing quite well. She had packed up the majority of her necessities and taken the rest to Dream's house. She was hopeful that eventually she would have all of her stuff in the U.K.

"Clay!" Poppy shouted. "Come help me lift this box!"
She stood in her room with the final cardboard box which was labeled computer tingz.

Clay walked in the room and lifted the box with ease, lightly teasing the girl for being weak. She shot him a death glare and continued with throwing things in his car.

After dropping everything off at the shipping post, Clay had driven her to the airport. The two stood silently. They had never had a goodbye before. Not a serious one at that.

Poppy reviewed her childhood while standing at the entrance. Small beads of tears fell down her face. Clay let one tear slide down his cheek before turning to hug her. She let out a soft whimper of a laugh, trying to contain herself.

He held to her tight. "I'm gonna miss you," The boy spoke softly. Poppy nodded into his shirt. "Make sure you call me when you get there."

"I will, I will," She reassured. She gently broke off the hug and he shook his hand through her hair, messing it up. She laughed and gently shoved him. "You know I hate you, right?"

"I hate you more."

"I hate you most."

Poppy's hand fiddled with her luggage and she turned to look at the entrance. Clay nodded, a sad smile on his face. "Go before I drag you back to the car and take you back home."

Poppy laughed and wiped away her tears. The air was bustling around her but the two found silence.

"Goodbye, Clay," Poppy frowned, taking hold on her suitcases and walking away.

"Goodbye, Poppy."


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