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•day 1/3•

When Poppy woke up there was commotion in her house. She rolled out of bed and put on her robe as she exited her room. The three boys were in the kitchen, making and preparing breakfast. Her jaw dropped. "W-Wha-"

"Poppy!" George and Nick exclaimed together. George brought her into a tight hug and she stiffened. Nick patted her shoulder.

"Huh?" She began. "I thought you didn't come until tomorrow! How did you get in my house?"

Dream deadpanned her. He reached into his pocket and held up his keys, shaking them. Of course he had a spare to her house. Poppy was still in shock at the two boys being there. "Surprise," Nick laughed.

"Jesus I probably look like shit let me go change," Poppy quickly exclaimed, running back to her bedroom and getting dressed. She sat still on her bed although she was finished.

A knock was at her door and she told whoever to come in. George gently opened the door with two juice boxes in his hand. He closed the door behind him, sitting on her bed and handing her a juice box. Poppy kissed him and smiled. "What's up?"

"Can we talk about the fight? I just wanna apologize face to face," He shrugged, opening his juice box. Poppy nodded. "I'm truly sorry. I don't wanna fight again."

"Me too," Poppy said, popping a hole in her juice box. "Something has to be done though, we both know that."

"Well until we figure it out, can we promise not to fight?" He asked. Poppy raised her pink finger and he smiled wrapping it around his own. "You know you can never break a pinky promise."

"I know. That's why I'm doing one."


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George and Poppy cuddled while Clay and Nick mocked them. "DrEaM dO yOu wAnnA cUdDLe wIth mE wHiLe wE WaTcH tHe mOviE," Nick laughed. Clay then looked at him, making straight eye contact.

"Yes," He said straightforwardly. Nick's face dropped a pink blush spread across his face. He was cringing. The rest of us laughed. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" Clay yelled. "No homo."

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