Chapter 25

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Tzuyu was stunned when Sana pulled her for a kiss. She will be a hypocrite if she will say she does not want it because for so long, she could only think about Sana's soft lips and sweet kisses. But she also does not want to take advantage of the situation. Sure, Tzuyu wanted to feel the warmth that only Sana can give her, but she knew that their situation now is not the right time.

When Sana tried to deepen the kiss by opening her mouth and pulling Tzuyu's nape closer, Tzuyu knew she needed to stop now or else, it will be too late.

"Sana," Tzuyu said while she softly pulled away from the kiss.

"Don't stop me," Sana murmured then she tried to reach out for the other woman's lips. "I need to feel your body next to mine," Sana straddled Tzuyu's lap. "I need to feel that I am truly safe now, that you are okay, that we are here, safe, away from any harm," Sana said while wrapping her arms around Tzuyu's shoulders.

"I need you," Sana said those words before fully capturing Tzuyu's lips. She grabbed her cheeks and opened her mouth to deepen their kiss.

Tzuyu only had a handful of control left and when she felt Sana's tongue trying to enter her mouth, she knew that there is no turning back.

Tzuyu opened her mouth and welcomed the heavenly taste of Sana's lips and kisses, the same taste she longed for. They both shared a deep and passionate kiss while their hands got busy roaming around each other's bodies. Tzuyu removed the knot on Sana's bathrobe and effectively undressed the woman on top of her.

She pulled away from the kiss to watch the beauty in front of her. Sana's doll eyes were looking at her with so much lust and need, her slightly opened lips are swollen from the kiss they just shared, her soft and creamy skin that always smelled so alluring, her perky breasts that are on full display, and the pinkish crown on top of it that started to get protrude. Tzuyu trailed her fingertips from Sana's soft lips down to her neck, then to her breasts, she made sure to touch Sana's nipples along the way.

"Hmmm…" Sana softly moaned when Tzuyu played with her nipples. She cannot deny the wetness between her thighs, she's sure that Tzuyu can feel the hotness and wetness of her pussy because she was only wearing boxer shorts.

"Undress me," Tzuyu said and Sana does not need to be told twice. She put her hands on Tzuyu's waistband then pulled her hands up, feeling Tzuyu's toned abs and small breasts, making her shirt go up in the process. Tzuyu raised her arms so Sana can remove her shirt. The only thing left is her boxers.

Sana stood up and so did Tzuyu. Sana pulled her boxers down until it falls on Tzuyu's ankle. When they're both naked, Sana did not waste any second, she reached out to Tzuyu's already hard and pulsating cock. Tzuyu could not help the moan that escaped from her lips because of the smaller woman's aggressiveness. She leaned down and captured Sana's lips before her own hands traveled down to touch the woman's perky breast. She grabbed the two mounds and softly kneaded them, before pinching her nipples.

"Ahh, Tzuyu…" Sana moaned in the kiss. She used her left hand to grab Tzuyu's nape for support because she felt her knees started to get weaker while her right hand was caressing Tzuyu's hot and hard cock. Damn, how she needed to feel it filling her up like there's no tomorrow.

Tzuyu trailed her right hand on Sana's navel and then played with her belly button before going to her final stop, Sana's pool of sweet nectar. It was already so wet and so ready for her. Her silky wetness was coating her fingers while she was playing with her slit, and when she touched her clit, Sana let out a loud moan and her grip on her cock started to get tighter.

"Tzuyu, please, don't tease me any longer, I need you," Sana almost begged, she wanted to have her release so badly. She wanted to experience the mind-blowing orgasm only Tzuyu can give her.

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