Chapter 11

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***Sana's POV***

How can my perfect morning be ruined just as I stepped inside my company.


I was awoken from my sleep when I heard my bedroom door open and small footsteps steps can be heard approaching my bed.

Not a minute passed and I felt the side of my bed where I was facing dipped and a small body went under my comforter and leaned on my breast. I wrapped my arm around my daughter's small body and inhaled her hair.

"Good morning, baby. What are you doing here?" I asked my daughter who was getting comfortable in my bed.

"Grandma asked me to wake you up. She said she personally prepared our breakfast," my daughter answered.

"But you did not wake me up. You just laid in my bed?" I told her while smiling.

"I just wanted to lay down with you. Your bed is comfortable," Ella answered.

"Why? Is your bed not comfortable?" Every bed in this house, including those in our guestrooms, are all high class so for her to say that her bed is not comfortable would mean we need to change all the beds here.

"I just miss my bed," Ella said in a small voice.

I slowly let out a deep sigh so she would not notice.

It has been a week since we have stayed in my parents house. The morning after that night with Tzuyu, I came down with a flu. It could be because I was crying almost the whole night on top of my couch in all my naked glory. I just could not move to fix myself that time.

My parents asked us to stay for the meantime in their house so they could look after Ella and I and I did not bother to argue with them because I was such a mess then. Ella would always check on me, sometimes she would just play quietly in my bedroom. At a young age, she has already shown qualities of being sensitive with her surroundings, though there were moments wherein the childness in her would show and I love every moment of it, even the tantrums, because she is a child and I wanted her to be and act like the other kids around her age.

"Do you want to go back to our apartment?" I asked my daughter.

"But I will miss grandma and grandpa again. It's different from when I would stay here and you will pick me up after your work than we are here and I can kiss them every night and every morning," my daughter answered.

"Hmm.. then we will stay here for the time being, then we will have your bed transferred to your room, is that okay?" I suggested.

"Really? Thank you, Mommy! My mommy is the best!" She said then she pouted.

I laughed before kissing her on her waiting lips.

"Come on, let's get up. Your grandma would knock anytime soon because you haven't come down yet."

And then Tzuyu happened. Honestly, I just wanted nothing to do with her. In all the times we have seen each other, I always ended up crying and I never wanted that to happen again.

For my own sanity.

I took a deep breath before focusing on my work. Everyone is busy doing their job because we are in our quarterly management review report and I need to be in my best condition if I wanted to focus on the upcoming meetings for today.

After five meetings and countless e-mails, I was ready to call it a day. I checked my watch and was surprised to see it was already past 8 in the evening.

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