Chapter 4

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A/n : hello readers, may i sincerely apologize for not updating as you all had expected ( I guess expect the unexpected line comes in.) Just a note that Sana daughter's name in this story is Beauty and Ella.

I was busy looking at the young kids playing happily at the playground in front of the ice cream shop where I had my afternoon meeting.

"I will look forward to hearing your decision, Ms. Minatozaki," said the man while holding his hand out.

I just gave a small nod while returning the man's gesture. I carried my bag and went to the playground to see Bambam standing in the corner with his casual wear. When Bambam noticed me, he spoke to his microphone, giving signal that we are about to leave.

I was just about to take my fifth step inside the playground when a small body wrapped itself on my thighs.

"Mommy! You're back!" The young girl excitedly said, her happiness upon seeing her mother is evident on her high pitch tone.

"Hi baby! Did you miss me?" I leaned down to receive my daughter's sloppy kiss on my cheek.

"Yes! But I enjoyed my time here! I met a new friend!" The young girl said.

"Really?" I was surprised that my daughter was able to befriend someone in such a short period of time. Not that my daughter is hard to get along with, it's just that my daughter is very selective on who she's going to let in in her life.

And my life too.

At a tender age of 5, Ella is matured compared to other kids her age. She can already speak clearly and she seems to understand things kids around her age don't. One reason could be that she grew up with almost no children in her life, aside from school, of course.

"Where's your new friend? Can I meet her?" I asked my daughter.

Ella looked around, when she noticed the young boy standing a couple yards away from them. She ran to the boy and grabbed his hand and brought him to her.

She has her days when she still acts like a kid.

"Oh!" I faked a surprise look. "So your new friend is a him? What's your name baby boy?" I asked the young boy. He seemed younger than my daughter, and a bit tanned.

"I'm Jay and I'm three years old!" The boy introduced himself while holding out his hand, showing three fingers, well more likely like 2 and a half.

"Wow that's a very pretty name! So, Jay, tell me. Has Ella been good to you while you were playing?" I asked this young boy.

"Yes!" The young boy said while smiling.

"Mommy! Jay lived abroad! He told me different stories and different animals and different birds and how they lived there!" Ella said excitedly, words rushing on her small lips.

"Okay okay baby, speak slowly, we're not in a hurry," I said while chuckling.

You're very much like her.

No no no! She's not like her and she didn't get anything from her! She's mine and mine alone!

I returned my attention to Jay.

"Beauty said you are from abroad? Where are your parents? Why are you playing here all by yourself?" I asked him.

"They will come back, they're just buying some ice cream," Jay said and just then his attention shifted to my back.

"Mommy!" He excitedly said then ran to my back. I turned around to greet his parents but was surprised to see the woman hugging him.

"Jihyo?" I softly said. I'm not sure if it was really her. Aside from the fact that I haven't seen her for years, she looked different.

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