Chapter 20

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***Sana's POV***

The little interaction Tzuyu and I had this afternoon has proven to be not-so-little. It felt like we were back to step one.

Or more likely me being invisible to her.

Tzuyu has never once talked to me or looked at me these past few hours. Even if we were both conversing with our daughter, I have never seen her tilt her head in my direction.

Maybe I deserved this for the unfair treatment I have given her.

"Mommy, can we go to the playground tomorrow?" Beauty asked me while I was undressing her. I prepared the bath a while ago and am now preparing to wash my daughter and myself while Tzuyu went to the concierge. Reason? I have no idea. She just told me she needed to check on something.

"Yeah sure, we can do whatever you want, honey."

One thing I liked about this resort is its amenities. They offer a lot of services for adults and kids. A quick getaway over the weekend with your family or friends, or a romantic moment with your lover, or if you just want to get away from the hassle of the city, this resort is perfect.

Only that I cannot seem to really enjoy this moment.

I really need to think things through.
I guess it is high time Tzuyu and I have that much-awaited talk.

I carried Beauty to the tub before getting in myself. I softly washed her hair and body and I noticed the sunburn on her skin is starting to get noticeable.

Okay, enough of the swimming already.

"Mommy, I will wash you too!" Beauty said then she took the sponge from my hands then scrubbed my shoulder with her small hands. I softly laughed because of what she was doing but I did not stop her and just let my daughter do whatever she wanted to do.

She was talking non-stop and telling me stories about what happened to her today as if I did not know it already when we are together the whole day.

But I would still listen to everything she would say even if she was only blabbering.

"Okay! You are all clean now, Mommy!" Beauty said then she threw the sponge to I don't know where.

"But you haven't washed my back yet?" I told her.

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