Chapter 15

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***Sana's POV***

When Tzuyu said she would be visiting again, I knew she's really going to do that. However, I did not expect she would be visiting everyday.


She would come over to our house before I leave for work. She said she wanted to look after our daughter while I was away and she would leave right after we have our dinner. That's been our set-up for weeks now. The only thing that's been missing is for her to stay over for the night.

Surprisingly, Beauty seemed to become accustomed with our set-up because she was not asking Tzuyu to tuck her at night or she was not looking for her whenever she wakes up.

Sometimes, I got thinking, doesn't she also have a company to run? And what about Jihyo and Jay? Weren't they looking and asking for Tzuyu's time?

Maybe they're the reason why Tzuyu has to leave every night.

No. The reason was because you were not even asking her to stay.

Currently, the three of us are in my office. Beauty said she wanted to come with me, and wherever Beauty is, you better expect to also see Tzuyu tailing her. I remember when Tzuyu said she wanted to make up for the lost times she would have had with our daughter. They were really inseparable. Tzuyu would always bring her gifts, may it be a toy, a dress, or anything that a young girl could possibly need. With the time she spent with our daughter on a daily basis, I wonder how she still has the time and energy to buy those gifts?

Well, she has a secretary who can run errands for her.

I am having a video conference inside my office and both Tzuyu and Beauty are playing at the modern leather office coffee table. I took a quick side glance to check on them just to see them busy with coloring books.

When Tzuyu learned Beauty was into arts, like any other kids her age, Tzuyu bought her a Louis Vuitton Monogram Coloring Pencil Case Roll. I remember telling her she did not have to buy such an expensive thing since Beauty does not know anything about brands. (Real Sana Minatozaki doesn't know the word "expensive")

"I want to give her nothing but the best. Just let me do it Sana, " was all Tzuyu answered.

Beauty looked so focus with what she was doing while Tzuyu was always peeking at Beauty's work.

"Baby, you missed this part," Tzuyu said while pointing at something on the coloring book.

"But I do not know which color I should use for her eyes," Beauty said without taking her eyes off of the coloring book.

"Why don't you use brown?" I heard Tzuyu suggested.

"Brown?" Beauty asked as if confirming she heard it correctly.

"Yes, just like your eyes. Your eye color is beautiful," Tzuyu said while looking adoringly at our daughter.

"They said Mommy and I have the same pair of eyes. Mommy's eyes are also beautiful?" Beauty asked Tzuyu.

I saw Tzuyu turned to look at me so I quickly turned my head so she would not see I was watching their little interaction. But I knew it was too late because I heard Tzuyu's small laugh.

"Yes, mommy is also beautiful," I heard Tzuyu said.

Stupid. She was asking about my eyes, why did you answer I am beautiful?

Then why are you smiling like a fool?

I stopped myself from smiling because once again, my mind and my heart started to debate.

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