Chapter 22

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***Sana's POV***

It has been two weeks since we got back here in South Korea and two weeks since I last saw Tzuyu's face in person. But she's been seeing Beauty almost every day because she would pick her up in her nursery school and would leave just before it gets dark, which normally would be the time when I would leave the office.

So, seeing Tzuyu's face now, on a Saturday afternoon, was kind of refreshing. And I must admit, I missed her presence in those two weeks that we have not seen each other.

I thought that by not seeing her, I would be able to truly have a serious conversation with myself, regarding the matter that has been floating above our heads for months now. But no, I have a lot on my plate because there's been a problem in the company which needs to be resolved urgently.

"So, what do you say, Sana? Dinner tonight?" Mark asked me.

"I'm sorry?"

Mark visited me just after lunch and was asking me if I wanted to have dinner with him tonight. Actually, he's been asking me for days now but I always declined him because I have been really busy. And I don't think my parents would appreciate it since Tzuyu's starting to be a "part" of our family now.

And Beauty? What would she think if she learned I'm having dinner with some guy but we cannot have dinner with Tzuyu? Her own mom?

But she's still young, I'm sure she would not think anything inappropriately.

Mark smiled. "I said, if you wanted to have some dinner with me tonight? Come to think of it, it's been a while since the last time we had dinner together. What do you say?"

I took a glance at Tzuyu and Beauty's direction and I saw Tzuyu whispering something in Beauty's ear. After a while, Beauty came running to me.

"Mommy! I want to have some hotpot tonight! Mommy said she will cook for us!" Beauty said excitedly.

"Really? That's fascinating, honey. Then okay, we will have hotpot tonight," I told her.

"Yehey!" Beauty said then she came running back to Tzuyu and resumed whatever it is they're doing.

"Well, I guess you know my answer now," I said when I faced Mark once again.

"There is always a next time," Mark said. "By the way, your company's
anniversary is just around the corner, yeah?" He asked me.

"What about it?" I answered him with a question.

I already know where this is going.

"Would you like for me to accompany you?" He asked me again.

Thought so.

"Wait, let me make this clear. You were asking me if you can accompany me to my own company's party?" I asked him.

"Yeah?" Mark answered.

"Well, thank you for your kind offer but I don't think that is necessary. Moreover, this is an exclusive party for the employees. Though there will be some guests, I think invitations have been sent out already." I told him.

"Too bad then," he said. He reached out and tried to grab my hand but I removed it.

"I am willing to wait for you, Sana," Mark said out of nowhere. Once again, he tried to reach for my hand but before I could do anything, Tzuyu was standing next to him then she grabbed his wrist.

"Can't you see she does not want to be touched?" Tzuyu said in a stern voice.

When I looked at her, I saw the hatred in her eyes. But she's not the only one for it is also mirrored in Mark's own eyes.

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