Chapter 14

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***Sana's POV***

"Mommy let's watch Disney!" I looked at my daughter only to see she was talking to Tzuyu. Ever since they met this afternoon, Beauty would always cling to Tzuyu.

I don't think she has called for my attention since then?

"Baby, you're not yet done with your food," I told my daughter.

We are having our dinner now and both my Mom and Beauty insisted that Tzuyu stay for dinner. Well, Ella thought Tzuyu would be living with us from now on. It would be hard to explain later that Tzuyu is only visiting her.

I would let Tzuyu handle it.

"But I'm already full..." Ella said while pouting.

"Once you finish your food, we will watch Disney, okay?" Tzuyu said while wiping Ella's lips that were full of stain.

"Okay," Ella said then she opened her mouth, waiting for Tzuyu to feed her.

And she did. God my daughter wants to be babied, and Tzuyu is always giving in.

I just sighed and let them be. I looked at my mom to see she was also looking at them and she was beaming with happiness.

I wish I can also be happy just like them.

Don't get me wrong though. I am glad to see my daughter this happy but at the same time I'm also worried that she might not understand our situation, that her other Mom cannot live with us and has to leave.

That their time together is limited because we are just sharing Tzuyu with her other family, and that both her parents are nothing but strangers .

" But there's one thing you can do so that you can live happily ever after for your daughter,"said the other part of my brain.

What? Patch things up between us and destroy Tzuyu and Jihyo's family? What about Jihyo? She was my friend. And Jay? He's too young to have a broken family.

"What about your own daughter's happiness? " The tiny voice said once gain.

Her family was already broken even before it started.

When I looked at them again, I saw an image of Tzuyu and Jay. Tzuyu feeding him, playing with him, reading him bedtime stories, and giving him her full attention just like what she's doing now with our daughter, and these thoughts bring a pang of jealousy and pain. Jealous that Tzuyu had spent more time with them than with us and pain that Tzuyu was so quick to move on with her life and now has a family of her own with another woman.

"Mommy?" I was pulled out from my deep thought when I heard my daughter's voice and when I looked at her, I saw she was looking at me, or rather, all the people in the table were looking at me.

"Yes, baby?" I asked her.

"We were calling you but it seemed like you were in your own little world. Are you okay, honey? You suddenly looked pale," My mom told me.

"I.. yes I am fine. Sorry about that, I was just.. thinking of someting.." I trailed off when I saw Tzuyu was looking at me intently.

"Well, if it's about work, issues at work should stay at work. You should not bring them here," my Dad said.

"I know that, Dad.."

And it's not about work..

"Mommy, I'm done eating. Can we watch Disney now please?" Ella said.

"You have to take a bath first," I heard Tzuyu said while wiping her daughter's hands.

"Bathe me!" Ella said excitedly.

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