Chapter 16

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***Sana's POV***

"Mommy," I heard Beauty said but when I looked at her, she was looking at Tzuyy, her tiny arms trying to reach Tzuyu's hands. "Hold," she said.

We are on our flight going to Taiwan, as what Tzuyu and I have planned a week ago.

And a week I did not see her.

After our talk last week, Tzuyu was not able to visit us. She said she got caught up with work, which was understandable since she was not really visiting her company these past weeks plus the fact that she would be gone for another week because we are going to Taiwan. But even though she did not visit Beauty these past days, she never missed a single day to call her and have a lengthy video call with our daughter.

It was also a busy week for me because I was arranging Beauty's paper since this will be her first international flight.

Tzuyu, who was sitting on the next aisle, extended her arm so Beauty could reach her. We both did not expect that the business class of this airline only has two seats per aisle, hence Tzuyu has to take the seat across ours.

I took a side glance to look at her face. The dark circles under her eyes were pretty obvious and, eventhough she looked happy right now, there was fatigue written on her face.

It must have been a very busy week for her.

She must have noticed I was looking at her because she suddenly turned her head and looked at me directly in my eyes. Her sudden movement startled me causing me to turn my head quickly.

Way to go, Sana. You just made it more obvious that you were looking at her! Damn her keen observation and awareness to her surroundings!

"Mommy, I want to play," Beauty said while looking at my phone.

I contemplated whether to let her play or put her to sleep since this will be a six-hour flight.

Well, she would soon fall asleep from playing, might as well let her play for a little bit.

"Okay, but only for a couple of rounds, understood?" I really did not want my daughter to become addicted to mobile games that was why I was trying to limit the times she's playing on gadgets.

"Okay!" Then she proceeded to play using my phone.

From my peripheral view, I saw Tzuyu was also using her mobile device, probably reading some important e-mail because I never saw her moved from her position.

If she was going to be this busy this entire week we are in Taiwan, she could have told me so we could move the date.

When the pilot announced that we are about to take off, I told Beauty she has to stop playing because we are not supposed to use any mobile devices during the flight.

When I turned off my phone, I looked at my daughter and asked her if she wants to watch movies from the plane instead.

"I want to see the clouds, Mommy," Beauty said.

Since I was the one sitting by the window, Beauty could not see the clouds from her seat.

I removed her seatbelt and made her sit on my lap so she could see the view from up here.

"Can you see the clouds?" I asked.

"Yes! Mommy let's open the window! I want to touch the clouds!" Beauty said excitedly.

I laughed with what she said. "We cannot open the windows of an airplane, sweetie."

"Why? We are opening the windows of our car, right?" Beauty asked me.

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