Chapter 21

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***Sana's POV***

I was awoken when I felt something hard was being pressed on my buttcrack.

"Hmmm" I could not stop the moan that escaped from my lips when I felt it grinding between my thighs and a hand was snaking from my hips to the inside of my nighties.

Wait- a hand?

I opened my eyes and I saw Beauty sleeping soundly on the corner of the bed.

Was she not in the middle last night? Then that means..

When the realization hit me, I hurriedly sat on the bed and looked back at Tzuyu who was startled by my movement, drowsiness was evident from how she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open.

"Sana? What's wrong?" She asked me, her husky voice filled the silent room.

I could not look at her because of the embarrassment I was feeling.

Me? Moaning in my sleep? Like a sex-deprived teenager? My goodness!

"Why is Beauty-" Tzuyu stopped when she realized what was happening. "Oh shit. I did not do anything to you while I was sleeping, did I?" Tzuyu asked me.

"No, you did not," I answered.

You just grind your massive hard-on on my ass and I was moaning because of how good it felt.


When Tzuyu realized her hard-on was showing because of the bulge on her shorts, she hurriedly covered it using her pillow, her cheeks looked flushed.

"I'm sorry if I did anything while I was sleeping." Tzuyu kneeled on the bed and carried Beauty back to her original position. "It seems like my body can no longer contain what it badly yearned for."

"Go back to bed, it is only four in the morning," Tzuyu said before walking to the bathroom door and moments later, I heard waters running from the shower.

I straightened out my nighties using my hands before plopping down next to my daughter's small figure.

"How I wish I can be just like you. Someone who is innocent without any care in the world." I traced her smooth cheek while listening to her soft snores.

I covered her and myself with a comforter and held her in my arms, clearing my thoughts from what had just transpired moments ago, trying to get some sleep.

Trying to stop the tingling sensation between my thighs..

I keep my eyes closed when Tzuyu walked out of the bathroom. I heard her footsteps coming closer to the bed, and I felt when the other side of the bed dipped. I can smell her freshly showered scent coming closer and closer, until I heard her planting a soft kiss on Beauty. Then just like that, Tzuyu left the room.


“Mommy, can we get the unicorn?” Beauty asked me.

We were checking the amenities the resort is offering and we found this mini entertainment / leisure area and they have this game where you have to shoot different numbers and the grand prize for shooting the tiniest board with 100 written on it will be the unicorn Beauty is asking me to get her.

“But you already have a lot of plush toys in our house?” I told her.

“But I want it. It’s cute,” Beauty said in a small voice.

“Come on, let’s get the unicorn. Shall we?” Tzuyu asked our daughter before grabbing her tiny hands and led her to the booth.

I just rolled my eyes when I heard her.

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