Chapter 2 - The Witch in the Woods

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Alana Winters was surrounded by woods.

Endless woods.

Yet, these trees seemed familiar to her... as if she had been here before.

She walked forwards, and with every step she took, the itchy feeling at the back of her neck grew, and she started to have a suspicious feeling that something really, really  bad was about to happen.

She arrived in a clearing with no trees.

Clearings were meant to be bright, a part of Alana told her. But this clearing was pitch-black. Alana knew something was wrong

"Hello, kitty," came a raspy voice. 

Alana whipped around to see a old woman sitting on a stool behind her - with glowing eyes.

"Hello, kitty," the woman said again, lips barely moving. "Do you want an apple?"

The woman produced a blood red apple from her patchy cloak.

Alana's blood ran cold. She knew what this was. She knew what was about to happen.

"No!" she cried running away.

"Hello, kitty," the woman appeared in front of her, glowing eyes narrowed. "Are you running away?"

Alana turned to run when her hands began glowing gold.

No, no, no, she thought to herself, staring at her hands. Not this nightmare again.

She clenched her fists, already knowing what they were going to do.


Gold light exploded from her body, and the woman started cackling.

"We've found you little kitty," the woman cackled. "We've found you, little Alana Winters."


Alana woke with a start.

That dream again. That dream that happened 5 years ago, on the day she discovered her weird supernatural powers - and the witches.

She sighed as she sat up on her bed and rubbed her temples.

She had been in that forest in real life. She had seen that witch in real life.

Or had she?

Dreams were strange in that way.

Maybe she could have lived a normal life, if she hadn't found out about her magic.

Because now it was harder than ever to control it.

Honestly, Alana didn't even know why she had powers like this. How was she special? How did she get these powers in the first place? 

It was just so... strange.

Like, how could someone randomly get powers like this?

She nearly revealed herself in school, when she caught herself talking to their class's pet hamsters. Or that time she exploded the bathroom sink. Or the other time when she refilled her bottle just by touching it.

Alana made a mental note to check the library for books about ancient magic - not that anyone believed in that.


Alana stood up suddenly, and raced to her closet.

"Coming, Mum!!" she called back to her mother.

Wait, no, adoptive mother.

Most adopted kids are devastated when they find out they're adopted, and want to find their biological parents. Alana couldn't understand why. It's perfectly fine being adopted, at least that was what it was like for her.

Pulling up her hair in a messy auburn ponytail, Alana rushed down the stairs. She glanced at the clock. Phew, she thought. 3 more minutes.

"Hello, sweetie," her mother called from the kitchen. "Come here and get your lunch bag!"

Alana entered the kitchen just as the bus arrived.

"Thanks Mum!" she grabbed the paper bag and raced out of the kitchen. "Love you!"

Mrs. Winters rolled her eyes and smiled. "Have a good day, Alana!" she called, waving.

Little did the both of them know that Alana Winters was going to have a very, very bad day.

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