Chapter 10 - Fancy Things and Family Names

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Alana finally found her way to the dining hall.

And it took her 45 minutes to do just that.

Seriously, did Harry Potter ever get lost in HIS so amazing magic school?

Alana didn't know - she never really read the books.


If anyone asks you, did Alana ever get lost in her awesome magic school?  You can say yes.

And if anyone asks you, is Alana's fancy pish-posh school for magic so very, very self-obsessed?

You should say yes.

SERIOUSLY. Literally EVERY. SINGLE. CORRIDOR had that obnoxious pink 'Welcome to Kalliste Academy of Magic'  banner, with their annoying stuck-up motto, 'WE INVITE EXCELLENCE!!"

When Alana first arrived, she'd no idea the school was called Kalliste Academy or whatever. Now that name would haunt her dreams.

And who came up with that motto? We invite excellence? Alana never heard of anything so obnoxious. 

And since every corridor had the same hot pink and gold banner, Alana was really lost.


Alana kind of got the feeling that Evie was meant to be her welcoming person thingy but then ran off for some reason.

Oh well, some people are just harder to figure out.

After about 30 minutes of walking around aimlessly, Alana found a map on the back of her class schedule. 


Well, at least she got to see lots of beautiful banners.

The dining hall was so crowded - the whole place was filled with students' talking and laughter.

And the architecture was... well, unique.

It was shaped more like an auditorium than a dining hall, like an amphitheater. It was circular shaped, with entrances between large pillars, and with tables were on platforms spiraling downwards. In the center of the vast room was a large round table where the faculty ate. 

Alana was quite surprised to see some boys too, but she knew that witches couldn't all be girls, so she kept that thought to herself.

After getting her food at the food tables against the circular walls, she spotted Evie and with two other girls, sitting near the center of the room. Since Alana didn't know anyone else, she climbed down the stairs towards them.

"Hey," Alana said, as she came to them. "Can I sit here?"

The three other girls looked to Evie, who nodded.

"Is this the one you told us about?" one of the girls asked Evie, giving Alana a side glance.

"Yes," Evie said, smiling at Alana as she set down her tray. "Girls, this is Alana Winters. She just moved to the academy."

"Wait," a girl with blonde pigtails said. "You name is Alana Winters?"

Alana nodded, confused. Wasn't that what Evie had just said?

"But that's a normie  name."

There was silence for a while.

"What's a normie?" Alana blurted, despite herself.

The blonde girl rolled her eyes. "Normal person. No magic person. Un-magic person. Whatever-"

"Lisha," Evie warned, but she was smirking. "Yes, Alana might have a normie last name, but she is one of us now." she smiled at Alana, but the smile didn't reach her eyes. 

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