Chapter 16 - Magic From The Stars

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Alana Winters thought she was dead.

She was enclosed in darkness.

She was enclosed in warmth.

She was enclosed in silence.

And for once, she felt truly peaceful.

Alana's eyes were closed as she listened to her steady breathing.


Something flickered in Alana's mind.

If she was dead, why was she breathing?

Alana's mind shifted uneasily.

"Is she alive?"

Was she alive?

"Let's hope she's dead," came a sarcastic voice. "Then we don't have to face the wrath of her amazing magic."

"Lisha!" came an exasperated cry, but it sounded forced.

"Oh, please," a third voice snapped. "This weirdo doesn't even have an actual coven. She's just a freak with unnatural magic—"

Scenes flashed briefly through Alana's confused mind. 

Four cauldrons.


A beast made of smoke.

Alana's eyes burst open and were flooded with white light.

Three girls were leaning over her. 

The first had blonde hair in pigtails, green eyes glinting mischievously. 

"Oh, help us skies!" she exclaimed when Alana had opened her eyes. She smiled snidely, "Her royal highness has finally awoken!"

Another girl with cropped black hair tipped her head upwards and cackled. 

Alana's body bolted upright from the white bed. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Two days," came a familiar voice.

"Wha— Evie?" Alana gasped, finally recognizing the girls' faces. "And Lisha and Malena? What are all of you doing here?"

"We're here 'cause she's here," Malena said drily, gesturing to Evie Storm.

Lisha grinned, "And Evie's here because Narani forced her to—" 

Evie elbowed the blonde girl hard in her ribs.

"What you did out there was amazing," Evie said, shooting Lisha a withering glare. "I've never seen anything like it."

"There where? Like what?" Alana babbled like a baby, her mind still blurry.

Malena cackled again.

"Your Coven Ceremony," Evie said. "You should have seen yourself! There was gold magic all over, and then there was a shadow beast—"

Alana's head hurt from all the confusion.

"A shadow beast?" Alana blurted. "What—"

"You really are clueless," Lisha rolled her eyes. "Shadow beasts are monsters said to come straight from the abyss in the core of the Earth—" she smiled malevolently, green eyes glinting. "And they haunt people who are cursed—"

Evie elbowed Lisha in the ribs again.

"That's just a legend," Evie said, desperately. "It's shadow beasts' nature to hunt humans down."

"—And when they see you," Malena talked over Evie, joining in the conversation. "They'll suck out your soul—"

"Oh, will you two just be quiet?" Evie cried, exasperated. "I'm trying so hard to be—"

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