Chapter 6: Flushy Flushes Clean Toilets

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Despite everything that had happened to her that day, Alana Winters definitely did NOT expect to get kidnapped.



She knew they were witches the first time she saw them in the interrogation room. Those black coats haunted her nightmares. And the kitty witch - the witch that offered her the apple and made her realise her powers for the first time all those years ago.

Seriously, you'd think a police station would be safer.

Like, hey, Mr Police Dudes? Ahem, did you even realise that you let an innocent girl get kidnapped from your headquarters?

Well, at least now my parents could sue the police for letting her get kidnapped, Alana thought, half bitter, half-amused at her own thoughts.

IF I ever get to see mum and dad again.

Alana used to think a police station must be the most SECURE place in the world.

Apparently not.

Then again, witches were powerful. She didn't understand what they could actually do, but clearly, if they could kidnap her from a police station, they must be SUPER powerful... right?

Well, her life has OFFICIALLY become a horror story. Yay.

Alana decided to name it: 'KIDNAPPED BY THE WITCHES.'

Ominous, just the way she liked it.

Today, Alana learned three new things about witches:

1. They can set things on fire (One of the three women set the interrogation room's door on fire as they carried Alana out as Alana writhed and kicked - yes, SO fitting to be in a horror movie)

2. They have weird pets. (When they brought Alana to their van - the outside of the van was advertising for Flushy Flushes Clean Toilets - she saw three different types of animals in the back of the van. And they ACTUALLY can listen to the three witches' orders.)

Which made Alana think if the witches would actually bewitch animals like that. But if not, the gecko, racoon, and the fox could have been either REALLY smart, been POSSESSED, or just been witch pets.

3. Witches were actually surprisingly... nice.

"Do you want some tea, dear?" the youngest looking witch among the three asked Alana when they first got to the van. She was surprisingly pretty, with long raven black hair and beautiful green eyes. Maybe Alana had expected witches to have warts and stuff.

"NO!" Alana yelled, banging on the door. "LET. ME. OUT!!"

Alana declined the tea, partly because you should NEVER EVER eat food from strangers, but also because the tea looked weird. Black with... lumpy green stuff.

Then the witches drove off with Alana in their little Flushy Flushes Clean Toilets van. Or rather, the van drove itself. (Which was WEIRD)

The witch sitting in the corner rolled her eyes, "How ungrateful," she said drily. " Stop acting like a spoiled baby."

"LET ME GO!!" Alana screamed, thumping on the window, and trying to unlock the door. "AHHHHHHHH!!!"

The three witches said nothing, and just sat there and smiled at Alana.

Then Alana lunged for the witch sitting in the corner - the on that had called her spoiled - and punched her face. As swift as wind, the woman held up her hand and blocked the punch easily. Alana grunted and attempted to kick her shins instead.

"Stop, stop," the oldest witch ordered. She smiled at Alana, and Alana recognized her. She was the witch in the woods. "Let's introduce ourselves, shall we?" she suggested with authority, which made it seem more like a command. 

"I'm Raven," the youngest smiled, she looked like she was in her... twenties, maybe?

The one with blonde hair with white streaks was called Mora, and she was the one Alana had tried to punch. Mora had an accent that sounded almost British, and a smile that you just couldn't pin down, like a sly smile that... wasn't a sly smile? Alana wasn't sure how to put it.

And lastly the witch she had met years ago in the forest. That witch had her gecko riding on her shoulder, and looked the oldest. But considering her face, Alana guessed she was once very beautiful, with a slender face and bright brown eyes. She actually looked like a kind grandma, Alana thought with a giggle.

"And I'm Selena," she said, petting her gecko. She ducked her head, "I believe we've met, Alana. Oh, you've grown so much!"

Alana cringed. She SOUNDED like a grandma.

By then, Alana was SO tired. She had been screaming and randomly flinging things around through their whole intro. (She tried punching Raven, but her head was so hot, it literally felt like it was on fire, so Alana didn't dare punch the other witches for the fear their heads might be cold or squishy or... something.)

"Aren't you gonna talk?" Mora asked Alana snarkily, as the van turned around the corner, driving on its own.

"Where are you taking me? How... how does the van drive on its own?" Alana blurted, despite herself. "And why do you guys have animals?" she added, glancing at the racoon, sniffing her shoes.

All three of them laughed.

"The van is fueled by my fire," Raven explained, noticeably NOT answering the first question. holding up a ball of flame in her palm. WHICH WAS SO COOL, screamed Alana's head. "It's hard to explain but-"

Alana plugged her fingers in her ears. "I DECLARE INDEPENDENCE FROM SCIENCE!!" she literally screamed.

Mora smirked. "I like this girl."

"These animals are our familiars," Selena cut in before Raven or Mora could say more. "Like animals versions of ourselves. These animals share a personality and soul similar to their witch. You'll get one too, on your Choosing Day."

"I get one too?" Alana marvelled. She wondered what animal she'd get. Maybe an EAGLE!! Or UNICORN!! (Was this horror movie turning into a fantasy movie??)

"Yes," Selena said.

"You're one of us now."

And for once, Alana did't mind. Like for once, she really belonged.

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