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Pain coursed through my veins, my flesh got sliced apart from behind as I felt the hatchet head Bury itself deep in my back. I wanted to fall down and cry in agony, but instead a choked scream came out my throat. I had to keep running. I reached a dense group of trees of the forest I had woke up in.

(Flashback by 15 minutes)

My memories of how I got here were non-existent with everything a dull blur until I got up on my feet. I heard a faint humming in the sound of a lullaby, I wasn't sure which one but I followed it hoping for sanctuary. While walking towards it I took in my surroundings, there was a decrepit house made of rough chopped wood, as if they were broken in rage and desperation. The outside trees and fauna were molding with it, reclaiming it to be a part of the wildlife once again. Abandoned walls with rusty lockers near them, which were out of place for such a far off location.

I crouched down as I heard a grunt of anger coming from close by, in the brief pause of the calming lullaby. I continued to follow the source of my calmness in a frightening place. She was a tall woman with a veil covering the back of her chestnut brown hair, an old a torn sarafan with a piece of leather keeping it tight across her stomach, expertly customised with belts to keep her hatchets that she keeps on her making her seem deadly to me, but I doubt that with a lovely lullaby.

As I kept observing her, my foot slid on a mound of uneven mud causing me to crash to the floor. Quickly I looked up noticing the woman had stopped her humming. She was looking directly at me with a mean smile plastered on her face. Out of fear of my ineptitude of being cautious, I ran like hell to the seemingly abandoned house.

As I felt my lungs being squeezed if every bit of air they had, I took a second to catch my breath

What even has that sort of look on their face when they see someone

You wondered as you observed the warm glow of your surroundings. Upon a closer look there was a fresh carcass on the table with an axe embedded in the remains. You were disgusted with the smell coming from it as you kept moving inside. Under the satirs was a small room filled with toys, books and pillows that little girls
Could enjoy but on a closer look there was a rope attached to a metal rung.

This woman is a kidnapper, it just gets worse the more I stay!

Suddenly the faint sound of a lullaby became louder, followed by my heartbeat in my ears. Knowing the fear that will ensue, you ran for the nearest exit from the building into the pungent smell of the forest air.

You heard the lullaby grow louder with each passing second until you heard a grunt followed with a slight clack of metal...
(End of Flashback)

Hi all I hope this first chapter is alright, this is my first fanfic ever so please give me advice if it's bad)

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