madness and hatchets part 1

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As I kept reading a journal from November 1896, I watched as campsites and friends came and went from their horrible trials. Some had brutal slashes across their back with blood dribbling down the chest from a puncture wound, some came back with many small punctures from a spiked weapon and their minds were, well elsewhere, screaming at things we can't see. Claudette was quick to notice and did her best to snap them out, while Adam and Jeff gave them quick, and simple, medic care and aftercare.

The whole ordeal was a bit gruesome to witness for the first few times, but as I slowly got used to life here it became more normalised. (as normalised as people causually getting hacked and hooked can be). But after a number if trials I still hadn't been picked yet. Which I'm counting as lucky but the others were quite concerned. They said things like

"Y/N if you're not getting picked then you will inevitably be put in a more dangerous situation then 1 killer and three of us"


"Just because you're not being picked you still need to prove useful, taking from the strict man that raised me, you need to make the best of a bad situation"

I snarkly replied about Benadict Baker's journal and the information I was getting from it.

Soon after another trial went by and the sole survivor this time being Dwight,with nothing more than a bear trap wound on his lower leg. That on a closer look seems to be amaturely patched up, by someone with no experience healing. He also seems rather flustered and awkwardly sorting his glasses. *

After the other three were (rightfully) annoyed that they were left for dead while dwight hid (Bill was especially annoyed about it) we had all relaxed. Suddenly, the campfire seared in heat and height it turned into a brilliant blue. The others seemed excited while me and star bucks girl (Mikeala) were looking puzzled, if not horrified at this sudden change.

Before we could ask it seemed Quentin who suddenly woke up told us
"Don't worry about it, it's just a symbol for an event type of thing, hell if I know what the entity celebrates"

"Right thanks, and get some coffee you need it"
I told him as he smirked and went back to a snoring sleep, he always surprises me how he sleeps when ever he wants.

After the flame died down we all heard the faint sound of a bell ring out for times to indicate a trial will soon begin. However we were mortified as it rung out another four times, indicating that eight of us will be selected for the trial.

Everyone was confuse and scared, some cocky and determined the latter of which thought we would be up against a single killer.While the former believed it was two killers and muttering on about bad combinations, that would mean certain death.

We all decided that it would best to hold onto a toolbox or medkit just in case. While I was rushing around trying to find something I accidentally ran face first into a hospital bed, which had a...cow? Neverminding that I decided to look around and get a feel of my environment. All I saw in my current room and all I saw were hospital beds.

This is going to be a long trial

A/N hey part one of the 8v2 trial with a guest appearance of Herman Carter (the Doctor) and Anna (the huntress) I know finally she's back after sharpening her hatchets and axe                🪓🐰

BTW I'm not joking there is (or used to be) q cow in one of the hospital beds

* dwight x trapper plot point 👀?

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