why me?

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The strange interactions continue with this...beast? No that can't describe it, if it were a beast I don't think I would be alive right now. Still makes me wonder if there's any ulterior motive for keeping me alive.

I've lost track of my time spent int this room, it always seems to be nightfall with rain. Maybe this works the same way the campfire does? But if that's the case shouldn't I be a part of a trial by now? It's certainly feels like I should've.

Every so often I'll hear sounds of other people moving through, though I guess jts the fault of the floors. Every moment made can be heard in the confinement of the room.

I'm yet to have my voice back, my first thought was that the lunatic at the hospital decided to remove my throat, but that was quickly debunked when my captor came in Every so often to feed me, it was always the same thing an unidentifiable meat which was tender and cooked well and a small glass of water afterwards. It makes me wonder if I'm not the first person to be take, after all the care and effectiveness of her catering made sure I want too uncomfortable. As much as being tied to a bed can be.

But the question has came to me consistently than any other

'Why me?'

Huntress pov


The thought has come to me more than anything since I rember, more than when mamma died.  More than when the strange men with weapons that throw heat invaded my forest. More than four people make there way into my territory to mess with funny looking things that create sunlight.

Yet here I am looking after someone better than I could ever do for the young girls that I took into my care. She is yet to say something to me, a noise to mimic 'thanks'. She is strange yet I saved her from spider who takes all my kills away.

Maybe a gift would help her feel better? The man with the lightning in his home didn't treat her too well. Maybe a cut of him would help her feel better?

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