even monsters have a heart

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My head was spinning, everything was dark, warmth radiated somewhere, a low sound came from an unknown source.

My senses were sluggish and weak, my mind felt elsewhere. I feel like I'm trying to force my conscious back into my body, like a wafer thin mint to someone who was full to the brim. I was here yet not, all at the same time.

I attempted to lift my arm up but I can't, it's like it's weighed down by something, that was warm and soft.

I pry open my eyes, against what my body wanted, after hearing a soft grunt when I attempted to move my arm. And after a painful stinging from the light I look to see a bunny in my face

"Cute bunny"

I almost wheeze out as I feel like my vocal cords have been torn apart. And slowly everything came back to me.

The crazed doctor, the hospital, the torture and my own live vivisection. Like a vivid nightmare everything came back to me. My eyes shot open, the first thing I had realised was that my chest was bare, displaying a scar that came from the base of my neck down to the hem of my underwear, splitting off with purpose and precision. Taking a look around I see what I thought was a rabbit on my side was in fact a mask. Not the weirdest I've seen, but certainly familiar. I looked around what I was laying on to be a sort of makeshift bed, with a rickety frame and a variety of warm furs.

My hearing was sharper than ever despite having woken up, I could hear a soft wind mixed with a light splattering sound, could be rain could be a pail being emptied.

My heart almost shot right out of my chest when I heard a door open then slam shut with a considerable force behind it, followed with an soft hum, singing a tune that time has forgotten.

The humming got louder as I heard a loud rattle outside the door to the room I'm in. Rushing to reach a pelt to cover my indecency, it was only now that I realised that my arms were tied to the sides of the bed frame.

A loud and heavy metallic sound followed up by a brief pause in the humming, broken only by a single raspy word,


I wanted to scream, cry or hide anything but I couldn't, like my body refused to let me. My head was spinning as the door slowly rattled open, as a tall shadow fills the room.


My one emotional response was justified. Being tied down, no memory of getting here and now a hulking shadow all had to culminate one thing. I tried to scream, but it was like I had no mouth. The door rattled shut as the figure came defined around their edges.

Tall to about 6'0" if not taller, long hair that looks as if a hairbrush was an optional piece of care, clothes that looked mismatched with belts and empty pistol holsters keeping all the pieces together and feet barren of any footwear. To top the beast off its eyes seemed to pierce the atmosphere of the room with a solid black haze.

It wondered past me carring a giant axe, suitable to square logs in a single slice, it wandered past me as if I wasn't there and picked up the mask next to me, and gently resting it on its face. It then picked up a fur by the foot of the bed and dropped it on my bare chest.

A voice seemed to rattle out of the beasts mouth, more clear than before but still mixed with the strain of not being used for some time

"ты сейчас в безопасности, мой ребенок"

Then it left as if nothing had happened, the door was slammed shut after pulling it didn't work and the sound of clanking metal was heard again.

Hi all author being here and thanks for waiting to have an update on taming the beast. I actually managed to get a proof read for this so huge thanks to ShadowMioda for that. See you all in a year's time for the next update (hopefully just a month of actual waiting)

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