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Right off the bat, English is not my first language and this will not have nsfw or lemon cause it would make the creators of Marble Hornets uncomfortable but if any of this makes the creators of Marble Hornets uncomfortable I will gladly take this down

Don't seek relationships with obsessive yanderes or stalker nor toxic ones depicted here

I was never in the creepypasta Fandom (I thought they were weirdo💀)

This is the first fanfic based on Analog horror or using real people acting

I'm a new fan I start watching because it's arg, horror and I love it

The reader is not going to have gender(I took it from them😆)

I will be changing some parts of the storyline I will try to add tic Toby if I'm feeling cute but just might (I had a huge crush on Toby but I still thought people who liked creepypasta are weird. Sorry😬)

Everyone is going to be crazy about you literally except Jay I know he girly pop and Reader isn't a guy nor girl it's anything so sorry to my Jay fanboys

Jay is canonically gay and I respected and everyone should too

My Ao3 is Fivestagesofgrief_2

My Ao3 is Fivestagesofgrief_2

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But let's start

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