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December 17, 2009

You feel rain drops hitting your skin. You jolt up to a sitting position. Looking around you found your self back in the woods. You lay back down and close your eyes

'The only time I don't record myself sleeping'

You hear footsteps. You don't dare to open your eyes

A jacket is put over you and get picked up. And over someone's shoulder. You feel like you're in a trance, but at the sametime your not. You just chop it up to you just too tired, but also you're freaking the fuck out right now, but you chose not to show it

The pose your being carried is over the shoulder, but your not facing him

You lift up the jacket that's over you to see a the all black shirt with blue jeans, but something caught your full attention it was the white mask with drawn on black lipstick, eyebrows and black over the eyes that he's holding.

You say the dumbest answer ever
"Wh-..Who are you!? Where are you taking me!?"
You try to get off of his shoulders by kicking him

"[Reader] calm down it's me, Tim Wright from college"

"Wait, Tim?"


"Oh my god I'm sorry!"

"No it's okay"

"Wait! How did you get here?"

"I wish I knew [Reader]"

You look at his jacket with some blood on it



"Why there blood on your jacket and the mask?"

"I woke up to it. I didn't know what I was doing nor thinking"

You think back to entry #18 at the end when you coughed out blood and basically all over him

"I'm sorry for doing that to your jacket Tim"

Tim stops

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