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This is the new version. This will probably be a new story after I'm done with this book, cause I do love this fandom and do want to stay next to it. So this is kinda a pitch of what it's going to be about. Thank you for reading

I'm going to have a surprise midway

This AU that it currently 1990s and creepypasta was some old urban legend web site that got made into a game back in the 80s. I'm trying to give a slasher type of feel. Mid way there going to be another sprise

"I'm [Reader], [Reader] [Last name]. I'm currently 19 and heading to university to study in the medical field as an [Any thing in the medical]. I studied hard for this. My friends helped me to get here.

I'm in to gaming, theater, hiking, and playing with my band. I choose to be in the medical field cause it's pays the bills and so I could help people"

2:37 AM

You pass the boxes of your things to your friend Kurt which he pass that box to your other friend Joan. Your secretly moving out of your religious Christian parents house. Your friend group of course help you when you ask them.

You pass the last box out the window to Kurt. He pass the box to Joan that runs to the van with your others friends

"Come on [Reader]!"
He semi-whispers

You look at your room for the last time. It is all cleared out therefore everything is plain and surfaces that were covered are now shown. You see a O with a X over it that was behind a poster. You are reminded when you were a kid you wanting and praying that slender man would kidnap you, but now you don't believe in that crap anymore. But hey it was good times. You finally look back Kurt

"Jump out I'll catch you"

You quickly jump out of the window and Kurt catches you

"Thanks bud"

"No problem"
He puts you down and both run to the van. You get in to be greeted by your friends. Mikey, Ricky, Sidney, Valentine, of course Kurt and Joan too. The van has some led lights, your boxes with some of your friends things, your electric guitar, your friends drum set and others things that you use for your band.

(Reader is in a band as the lead singer and guitarist in this)

Kurt start to drive away from your neighborhood to a Walmart parking lot.

Kurt parks and Valentine pass letter to each person in the group

"Let see if we got accepted to the same University"

"Even if we didn't we still submitted applications for the ones around it"

The group agrees. You and your friends have worked so hard for this. The countless nights of staying up and tutoring each other. The days that all of you had breaks but been only studying for the next test.

"Okay! 1. 2. 3!"

You all rip the poor letter to shreds and you see you got accepted. Your friend started to celebrate

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