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Hii! That's all


You and Jay walk around the Walmart for some chocolate mold. You and Jay settled in a heart-shaped mold. With the bags in hand you both head back home


"Jay could you get the chocolate from the fridge"

"Yeah sure!"

"Oh shit! I forgot to buy something let me go back and but it!"

"Okay I'll get everything ready when you're back"

You grab your keys and drive back to Walmart. You walk in and look though the aisles of many bears. You get Jay yellow roses that stand for platonic love and an bear with a yellow ribbon on it.

You go to the check out and pay

As you walk out you feel eyes on you

You start to speed walk to your car. You turn on your car

You feel someone's presence

But... where? You look around and slowly turn around to see a masked person

Very awkwardly

The yellow hoodie man just stares at you

"I forgot that you can't talk... uhh wanna, be in the passenger seat?"

He nods and jumps to the passenger seat

"Me and Jay are doing heart chocolates.. do you want some?"

He nods yes

"Well okay"

You two sat in a awkward slients

Next year I will end the second half

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