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November 25, 2009

You write down your thoughts about the mask men and that thing

The Operator

Tall ass mother fucker with no face and lingering around in the Marble Hornets production. Which I left when I start to have these symptoms of coughing blood, bit of hallucination and memory lost. To be honest I thought this thing was sometype art project and it would go away after a week or so, but unfortunately I was wrong and kept see it. This thing can change people like it did to Alex making him angrier and inpatient. Longer expose to it more my memory becomes fuzzy and the other symptoms I write about. The hallucination might be paranoia but I don't really know. I never told anyone but Jay. I don't know why that thing came back. It might be Jay reopening the production tapes. I don't blame him nor mad at him.

Masky/ The guy in Brian's house
He seems violent yet quiet, but he did yell "NO", so he can talk, but he doesn't choose not to. He can slip up though. He doesn't want mask taken off. He seems to taken a liking in me, shown by replaying of entry 18 he held me close when I feel unconscious. He either likes me or wanted to sacrifice me. He broke into Jay's house which is creepy ass hella and to add on top of that he looked at Jay while sleeping. I can't really determine his character I'm only have two videos of him to go by.

Hoodie/ The nice guy took me out of woods
He seem calculated and one step ahead. He found time and place where you go when you wake up in the woods. He most likely watched the video of your interview to know about the time, but how did he find out the place. Even in the interview I just said "woods". But I'm glad he found me cause he broke that motherfucker streak of taking me to the woods just to find me again. He found my apartment and broke in somehow Jack didn't notice (he dose frequent all nighters and could hear everything like mf is nosy). Jack did noticed when I yelled. ([Reader] yelled due to thinking she/they/he was back in the woods) Hoodie seem to just see if I'm still there and not in the woods. He seem nice taking me out of the woods and keeping me company until the sun came up, but still creepy ass fuck he broke into my house. I need to get a new lock or something

'How is the mask men related to the production of Marble Hornets. That thing was atleast in the background of the production. Wait..'

You practically ran to grab a papers and write down your thought again.

The mask men have to be one of the crew members in the production. Everyone is a suspect even me!

'I need to have more evidence!'




"Come in"
Your voice is shaky and you pay no mind to Jay present. Normally you would have had your full attention

"[Reader] you need to take a break. You been doing this for four hours"

You kept writing


'I might know the reason why that thing takes me to the woods every night or so'

Jay puts his hand on your shoulder. He didn't even squeeze he just gently put it on top of your shoulders. You flinched on the touch and you looked at him

"[Reader]..? Are you okay?"

You start to cry uncontrollably. Jay hugged you immediately. You cried in his arms

"I feel like I'm going crazy Jay... do you think.. I'm crazy?"

Jay"What? No! Your actually taking this really well

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"What? No! Your actually taking this really well. If I were you I would had went crazy a long time ago"

"Thank you Jay.."


Few hours later when you calmed down. You and Jay find out Totheark posted.

"Are you sure you want to see it. I could describe to you if you want?"

"I could do it Jay. Thank you for the offer though"
You smile at him

"No problem"
he smiles back


The video flicker black and back to normal and also has static throughout. Jay is in the corner looking up. The camera angle changes and you notice he's at Brian's house at the spot where you both got attacked. Jay is looking at where the stairs at. That thing appears and that what seemed to be looking at. The thing gets closer to the camera and it says




the video ends.

"Now we know where you been when you were out of your bed Jay"

"I thought we would be me there together cause the Operator likes to take you from your bed"

"Honesty I thought I would be the first in camera to get kidnap by that thing."

Awkward silence

"Hear me out on the mas-"



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