Entry #19

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November 25, 2009

It been a long shift are hella tired. You quickly closed up the bakery. Although you were tired as fuck. You and Jay went to best buy to get yourself a camera, but right now you are watching Scream on TV. It's the part that the Scream killers a finally shown. You yawn

'Well that a sign to head to bed'

You turn off the TV. You take a bath and do your night routine. You set up the camcorder and point it direction at your bed

"God I feel like Alex right now"

You click record. You lay down on your bed and self comfortable and fall asleep

You wake up in the middle of the night.

You look around

From upstairs the camera catches

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry I just had a nightmare"

You grab the camera and walk to your kitchen. You grab a glass of water

You could feel something watching you

You slowly walk to the drawer to grab your Buck 120 still with the cover on (Don't ask me why it's super specific). You slowly turn around to see nothing and start head back to your room. You still have the feeling of being watched but it could be your paranoia. You put your Buck 120 on your nightstand and fell asleep

The morning sunrise wakes you up

You get out of your bed and stretch. You walk to your camera that was filming all night and look though it while you do yourself breakfast

The camera in the past hour didn't catch anything interesting until midnight. When you shouted in the top of your lungs and bother your neighbor.

That masked person! the one that watched you though your window and helped you out of the woods

He was in your room

Staring at you and he was changing angle each few minutes

He hid when you woke up. You actually startled him when you yelled out of suddenly. He followed you when you got your glass of water, but soon he followed behind you

He was there... it wasn't paranoia


Why didn't he do anything to you or steal anything things

You need to call Jay


Few hours pasted

Jay had the same thing happened to him but with another masked person. The one that broke into Jay's house had a yellowish washed out jacket with of course a mask but this one had black lips and eyes with eyebrows

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