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That's my birthday day

Tongue tied By GROUPLOVE

January 17, 2011

Season 2

You drive your motorcycle though the city night

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You drive your motorcycle though the city night

You finish your shift a while ago

Toby is holding your waist and just his body leaning on you

The pass few months were a blur. You somehow got a cat but had no recollection of adopting a cat but still keep him. But good thing Toby told you what happened the pass few months.
You two were dating the pass few months

He is your boyfriend and you are his (girlfriend/partner/boyfriend)


The pass months you and Toby were together you had a feeling of being stalked and have been also get letters from some unknown person but you weren't able to read them due to Toby ripping them and just hide it from you

Today that changed

You and Toby cuddle on your couch watching movies together

The cat you named Stu(You and Toby named him after Stu from Scream)

Was taking a nap in the corner of the room. It weird how Stu hissed at Toby alot and overall never likes him.

"When will we move in to our forever home and have a family"

"H-Hopefully so-oon l-love!"

Toby phone goes off

"I wil-ll be ri-ight b- back!"

He stands up and walks to the hallway

You are thinking about names for you and (Toby's kid ohh how he would be such a great husband/you could adopt a kid)!

Toby comes back to the couch

"I hav-ve to g- go for my jo-og [Reader]! I w-will be ba-ack!"

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