Entry #41

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Heyy it the Author! I'm sorry about not posting as much. I'm not giving up on this book if you're were thinking that. It's just because of band. We messed up so bad in it😭😭

 We messed up so bad in it😭😭

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Mar 25, 2011

Song/who is she/I moster

Ik old song but just this
last time before 2023 ends


You and Jay are just doing daily things and just watch the tape

There's about 15 minutes of nothing on the tape Entry #40 before the picture comes back.

Someone picks it up and walks around Rosswood park showing the beautiful nature it holds with in Rosswood park. It's really just relaxing, but it cuts to the parking lot showing Jay's car and they run towards it

You pause it

"This person must know us and your car Jay"

"You think it might be Tim"

"Might be"

You unpause it

The person opens the car door and puts the camera on the passenger seat and close the door.

The person look at the camera from outside the car to show it is the hooded guy from pass entries, but he walks away

The tape ends

"I guess were both wrong"

You chuckle

"Where is Alex at in all of this?"

"You're right..where is he?"

"Where's Tim!?"

"Shit you're right"


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