Entry #39

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This is a Flashback

April 12, 2011

This is about a week after finding Alex in the abandoned house

The video shows Jay at the back of his car trunk open up to a beautiful view of lake. His phone vibrations about three times until he pick it up


"Meet me at Rosswood Park tomorrow"

"Why haven't you called, it's been over a week. Where is [Reader]?"

"Meet me. At Rosswood Park"

"No, I, I heard you. Just, where have you been? What happened to [Reader], Alex?"

No answer

"Alright, just hang up on me"

Jay calls Alex but it goes to voice mail making Jay throw his phone out of frustration

Meanwhile with you

Alex comes back from calling someone and hold you in a soft hug laying down with you. It probably been a week you don't really know how long you been stuck in your Apartment with Alex.

(He secretly took your phone and he leaded you to think you lost it)

The whole week Alex was just showing you love, but you were still worried about Amy. How could do this to her while she's missing and let alone do this at all. God your the worst friend ever! Your cuddle her boyfriend!

"[Reader] you don't know how much I missed you. I just been so lost..."

He barries his face above your chest takes a deep breath and softly exhale. You pat his head just comforting him.

'He really must had took Amy's disappears badly, poor Alex'

"I'm sorry about Amy.."

Alex look up at you

"Huh- I mean! I miss her everyday!"

"It's always hard hearing something like that.. especially if it's your girlfriend"

"Oh uh.. we were planning to break up"

"What!? You two look cute together!"

"It didn't work out at the end, but that doesn't matter anymore. I'm just glad I'm here with you"

You were left there speechless. You wanted to say something like we should look for Amy or do you know what the operator might have done to her or took her to. You just had so many thoughts in your head that you didn't even notice Alex looking deep into your eyes just thinking his future with you. Just having you all to himself




Cut back to Jay

Jay is in the parking lot of Rosswood park in the dark, and hops back to his trunk to wait for Alex

Roughly forty minutes pass on the tape

The view show Jay's trunk window and a man looking in. The footage is too blurry to see who was outside Jay's car

 The footage is too blurry to see who was outside Jay's car

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