Entry #22

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December 22, 2009

Song: Undone- The sweater song/ Weezer


Author's note
Anything in this section that underline like this is what's happening while watching it and is NOT what's happening in the tape. Other thing anything with this ☆ is something weird or suspicious that was said or done. I'm sorry that I put too much in the Author note.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy

(You and Jay are currently at your apartment)

After you apologizing for the 45th time to Jay. He finally forgive you which you were happy about. You grab the little metal box and gently place it on your desk. You grab gloves and carefully open the box to see a tape

"Here Jay"
You pass the tape to Jay which he walks to the tape recorder and starts playing it


Entry #22

The tape

It's Alex and Seth. Seth is currently recording

(Distortion)"Is it rolling now? Keep it rolling"

The audio seems crunchy

"Do you have night vision on?"

Seth turns on night vision and looks around

The audio cuts out for a bit

Alex and Seth continue walking

[Idk if it is but it seem like it]

The video turns black and distorte showing how destroyed this tape is

Alex said something but it can't be made out

"Go back"

They still continue forward and see a staircase

Yet again the audio and video cuts out for a bit. Alex and Seth go up the stairs case. The video cuts out most likely intentionally by Seth

God you miss him

The camera is directly pointed at Alex. The camera is close-up and personal

"Is it rolling now? All alright, then"

You start to write

Entry #22
Why would Alex bring Seth to a abandoned. Seth is the camera man he is not in charge of the sets, and why at night. I don't want to accuse Alex for anything, but he seems to not know anything so he's clear of suspecting for me.

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