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Hello Readers and Followers.

I want to thank you all for the 217 Million Reads of THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED here in Wattpad and for making it to the Viral List.

I'm so happy for all your love and support. For loving the characters of Jade Collins and Eros Petrakis. For continue reading their stories in the sequel THE GIRL HE EVER NOTICED - and loving the characters of their kids. 

To Wattpad, thank you so much. You help me in making my dream to become a writer come true. Thank you for making me part of your Wattpad Star Program and thank you for the opportunities.

Love and kisses,

Neilani Alejandrino (sweetdreamer33)

Anyways, here's your favorite characters, they want to say something to their fans too.

Eros: Hi. I'm Eros Petrakis. In behalf of my family... my wife [lacing his fingers to his wife, Jade] and my kids, thank you to all our wattpad readers for loving us and making our story viral in wattpad.

Jade: Yeah. Thanks also to the author, Miss Neilani for writing the story.

Eros: Of course honey. Thank you so much sweetdreamer33.

Me: You're welcome Eros and Jade.

Jade: We would like to thank also all our Facebook followers. For the beautiful bookcovers, fanarts and banners. We love all of it. You can send us more by posting it in sweetdreamer33 fanpage or fan group.

Zion: Mom, can I ask something?

Jade: Of course.

Zion: Do I have my own story?

Me: Of course, Zion. I will make your story after I'll finish the Runaway Fiancee.

Zion: Cool! I can't wait. I want it to be a horror, sci-fic and full of action story.

Me: Sorry, I only do romance-comedy stories. 

Emerald: I want my story too! Can I be a princess?

Me: Hmm... I don't know. Maybe or maybe not.

Emerald: F*ck you!

Eros: Tsk.. tsk... Emerald, that's a very bad word. Sorry sweetdreamer33. We told her to stop using the F-word already [He nudged Jade and whispered something to her].

Jade: We're really working on it. She needs time to forget the word.

Me: It's okay. Any parting words to your fans Jade? Before we'll end this?

Jade: Um.. [twisting her fingers] From the bottom of our hearts, thank you everyone, especially to the one reading this right now... you..i mean you... we love you and please continue supporting the stories of the Petrakis family from our parents' story, Markos Petrakis and Nina Peres in Exclusively Mine to the latest story The Girl He Ever Noticed and soon...  the stories of our kids Zion and Emerald.

Eros: Don't forget also to read and support the story of my sister Chloe Petrakis and my best friend Inigo Monteiro in Catch Me... and of course all of sweetdreamer33 stories. 

Me: Thank you so much readers and Wattpad. Bye!

Zion: Bye! 

Jade: We love you. Bye!

Eros: 213 million reads! Yes! Thanks Wattpad!

Emerald: I don't wanna go yet...

Kendra Packer: Oh gosh... I'm late? Can I say something?

Eros: Nope. We're done.

Cameras out. Lights off.

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