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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

Jade's POV

"Mr. Petrakis? Mr. Petrakis..." Where is he?

He said, to go with him. I tried to keep up his pace, but he was walking so fast. I couldn't see clearly. I lost my focus on where he was going.

Finally, I saw a door, and decided to open it. Maybe, this is his office.

I turned the knob slowly, and opened it widely. I stood in the doorframe, scanning the room, trying to figure out what was inside the room. It was all white with cubicles in it.

I heard the swishing sound of water, and saw about four men standing and facing the wall, talking.

"I won't give my vote to that Japan shipyard unless Petrakis offers to increase my share on it."

"Yeah, right. That's what I was thinking too. Shh... I heard, father and son are really after it, because there are gold bars hidden underneath the shipyard."

My breathing quickened and my cheeks felt warm. For heaven's sake! I'm in the men's bathroom!

Before I could turn to go, the men spun around and saw me.

"Hey, lady! What are you doing here? This is the men's room!" One man yelled at me.

"What the...!" Another man exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, sorry sir... sorry," I apologized to them and immediately left, half running, to escape the humiliation.

Suddenly, something hard hit me and my arms were grasped with strong hands.

"Where have you been? I thought you were following me."

My face was plastered at Eros Petrakis's chest and I smelled his pure male scent. Oh no! Not again.

I instantly stepped backward, avoiding the contact of his body.

"I... I was. I can't see clearly, without my eyeglasses. I... I lost you."

"You should have told me that you can't see clearly," he groaned and picked up the manila envelope that fell on the floor. "Come."

We strode towards an elevator. This time, he walked beside me and even waited for me to enter the elevator first.

"So, why do you want to see me?" He asked the moment the elevator door closed.

"I want to take your job offer, Mr. Petrakis." Please, please, please. I wanted to add, desperately.

He was suddenly silent. Standing there, looking at me, as if I was a specimen. I could feel his gaze travel up and down my body.

My cheeks suddenly felt warm, I felt embarrassed by his scrutiny. I adjusted my big leather bag on my shoulder and clasped it in front of me, covering my body.

"Do you have your CV with you?" He replied, finally.

"Yes, sir."

"Let's see, if you're qualified." He said curtly. Just in time, the elevator door opened and he stepped out ahead of me.

Qualified? I thought I'm qualified as his coffee girl. He likes my coffee, right?

My feet suddenly trembled. I was scared of being rejected again. I really needed a job, any job. I silently prayed the 'Lord's Prayer' earnestly, again and again, until Mr. Petrakis's voice, jolted me.

"Is everything okay, Miss Collins?"

"Yes... yes, Sir." I nodded at him.

A woman appeared when we arrived outside his office. She seemed young, with light blond hair pulled up in a conservative bun. Her black executive suit fitted on her nicely. She looked so smart, very professional and yet so gorgeous.

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