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Exclusively Mine

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Get to know Eros' parents in their heartwarming story, Exclusively Mine.

Exclusively Mine

By: Neilani Alejandrino 



Finn Martins returned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after ten years with a sole purpose... to collect payment from someone who ruined his life and his family.

He came back as a different man. The poor, sweet, handsome, good boy became an extremely rich, dashing, tough, arrogant and ruthless man.

He changed his name, identity, heritage and looks. He became Markos Petrakis, a Greek Multi-Billionaire World shipping magnate. Everyone feared him. No one dared to say 'No' to him. He could destroy anyone in just a snap of his fingers.

Coming back would mean confronting again the only woman he ever loved and adored, Nina Peres.

He was staring at her sitting across him at the boardroom table. 'She is still very beautiful, even more beautiful now. So bloody hot and gorgeous.' He thought. His senses flared as he looked at her intensely. His carnal cravings for her ignited. He became agitated and was trying to control the hardening of his body.

But she was her father's daughter. They shared the same tainted blood. He hated her father so much. He wanted him to suffer and pay for his sins, a million-folds over if he had.

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